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The Greatest Strip Club Song Of All Time: The Winner

As determined by you is “Closer,” which handily beat “Pour Some Sugar On Me” 61% to 39%. If you’d like to review its path, here’s the full bracket and here’s the Spotify playlist with all 64 songs. Thank you to everyone who voted.

Stripper Music Monday: Adventures in Low Budget Videos

You gotta admire the hustle all over this video. It’s not easy being in hip hop in Portland, Oregon! Filmed at Exotica International, this track gives shout outs to Texas titties, Alabama asses, Florida faces, and Oregon … manners! They are polite in the 503. It’s produced by¬†Terrell Brandon. Pretty damn Portland.

Stripper Music Monday: Captains Spend and Save-A-Ho

I wonder if a hip hop video director ever says, “I like your idea for shooting in the strip club, but don’t you think that’s a little overdone? Perhaps we could make it rain elsewhere?” Nah. That never happens. Here’s Wale’s very NSFW video for “Bait.”

Watch it for the dancing, especially the awesome “stripper surfing on another stripper” pole move.

Stripper Music Monday: Nickelback Edition

We've all done it.
We’ve all done it.

I love Nickelback.

Since the dawn of time it has been quite trendy to hate them. But¬†with last summer’s resurgence of normcore, maybe Nickelback finally has a place in the lexicon of pop culture’s tastemakers.

And this is Stripper Music Monday and since when do strippers give a fuck about being ahead of the curve regarding trend forecasting? We don’t. We care about money. When the DJ makes some lethargic attempt at a beat-match to crank up the latest Nickelback jam, a stripper knows she’s about to make some coin.

Because every single Nickelback releases immediately becomes the next douche anthem.

Stripper Music Monday: Clap That Booty

It’s good to have a well-rounded repertoire of butt music. If you already have enough songs about isolating the gluteus maximus muscles, how about the booty clap? We got you covered. Now applause isn’t just that annoying thing that you can’t pay your rent with.