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The Greatest Strip Club Song Of All Time: Elite Eight


Our stripper song bracket is down to its regional finals today. Only two contestants from each quadrant remain in competition, and you will now vote to pick the regional champions. Here’s the full bracket and here’s a playlist of the remaining eight songs.

“Pony” and “Closer” continue to dominate their respective regions. Can “Drop It Like It’s Hot” credibly challenge “Pony?” “Fuck The Pain Away” has a reasonable shot at “Closer” thanks to its consistently strong showing, but I hope we aren’t deprived of a semifinal matchup between Ginuwine and Nine Inch Nails. “I Touch Myself” has pulled off a major upset of “Girls, Girls, Girls” to compete with “Pour Some Sugar On Me” for the Classics title, and the Rock region trends ever gothier as “The Beautiful People” and “More Human Than Human” face off.

Voting is open now until Thursday, when the Final Four will be announced.


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