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The Greatest Strip Club Song Of All Time: Hip Hop/R&B and Dance/Pop Regions

It’s too bad that the Rick’s Stripper Basketball League never actually happened.

Our contribution to March Madness is this quest to determine The Greatest Strip Club Song Of All Time. The four regions are Rock, Dance and Pop, Hip Hop and R&B, and Classics. The songs, just like the teams in the NCAA tournament, are seeded 1-16. Here is the full bracket.

You will decide the winner. Voting is open to all, starting with the opening rounds today. If you somehow aren’t familiar with any of these songs, here is a Spotify playlist that has nearly all of them (save the Harry Pussy placeholder since Prince’s “Pussy Control” isn’t available).

Today we’ll start with the Hip Hop/R&B region. You’ll notice it’s probably the toughest region to get out of, loaded as it is with sex jams and make it rain anthems. The 1 seed is Ginuwine’s “Pony,” of course, but it was a tough call as Fat Joe and Lil Wayne essentially defined current strip club imagery with “Make It Rain.”

I’m just a bachelor who made one of the best R&B stripper jams of all time.

Next up is the Dance/Pop region, where the #1 seed is the North Carolina of strip club songs, Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.”

I have heard this song 3600 times.

Remember that voting closes at midnight Sunday and the advancing seeds will be announced Monday.



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