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Dominatrix Music Monday: HTRK

Nothing says sexy and evil like the Australian electro/rock trio HTRK (pronounced “hate rock”). Their second album, Work (Work work), came out last September and has become one of my favorite sex work soundtracks. Their record label, Ghostly, describes their sound like “a comedown, a bad trip, a hip romance.” I’d add to that “the cool restrained thrill of watching your trick’s back cover in welt marks while a stack of cash looks on patiently from the bedside table.”

Stripper Music Monday: Clap That Booty

It’s good to have a well-rounded repertoire of butt music. If you already have enough songs about isolating the gluteus maximus muscles, how about the booty clap? We got you covered. Now applause isn’t just that annoying thing that you can’t pay your rent with.

Naked Music Monday: August Alsina’s “Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money”

As an indie-listening escort, I was surprised by the content of August Alsina’s 2014 medley/single, “Grind n’ Pray/Get Ya Money”: “Wait a sec, is this actually an ‘I’m a sex worker’s partner and I understand the economic uncertainty we both suffer because I’m a member of the lumpenproletariat/grey market too’ song?” Most strippers will probably be familiar with Alsina from his track “Porn Star” from the same album, Testimony, but I’m still just discovering the R & B genre and realizing just how much I’ve missed—neither Belle and Sebastian nor the Magnetic Fields are going to be writing a slow jam about the perfect love of a stripper and a drug dealer any time soon.

But Alsina is here to save the day and provide everything the hipster musical canon doesn’t in the touching underclass story this track tells:

Stripper Music Monday: Valentine’s Day with Plies

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Friday is Valentine’s Day, that special day wherein we celebrate patriarchal norms and reinforce insulting gender stereotypes with rampant consumerism.

So romantic.

Valentine’s Day is one of the those special “off” days that happen every-so-often in the strip club. Working the night of one these off days is never business-as-usual—it’s usually, business-as-oh-my-God-did-that-just-happen. The day of Cupid falls on a Friday this year, and there’s going to be a full moon.

Get ready.

Escort Music Monday: Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’

For about a year and a half every client I saw at the incall (at least for their first few visits—I often forgot they’d seen me before) would get to enjoy a fabulous hour or more with me doing wicked and evil things to them, set to the ambient backdrop of Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’. I think it’s the perfect hooker album—sexy, moody and dirty. Most clients commented positively about it and wanted to know what it was.

The entire album length is just over an hour so it’s perfect to keep track of time without having to set a pesky alarm. Nothing says paid sexy time is OVER like a blaring alarm right before a client blows his load!  With this album I know when the music stops it’s time to get him back in the shower or do something new for the next hour.