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Stripper Music Monday: Kayla


I knew I wanted to be a singer, songwriter and performer from a young age–creativity has always been one of my best qualities. However, due to my slightly reserved and shy nature, let’s just say I needed a push. I began writing music when I began dancing and needless to say it’s been an equal influence on my personality as well as my creative background. I am inspired by the hustle, various types of women I have worked with, and the sense of freedom and empowerment I have gained by becoming my own creative manager.

There’s Seven and then there’s Kayla. Seven is the entertainer, and Kayla is the sex and power-crazed motivator. Kayla thrives in a club located near the industrial heart of Portland. She smirks when she’s happily up to something and bats her double-layered 111 lashes under the black light. Two things make her happy: money and probably the most important, music. I brought Seven and Kayla to life around the same time. Kayla lends Seven a sexual helping hand when writing, while Seven gives Kayla that something extra to stand out amongst the crowd. Part of me wonders if my writing would be as captivating if I hadn’t set foot in the industry. When I am in motion, there is a sense of freedom. It’s my form of meditation and my greatest concepts appear to me this way. I always carry a pen and pad while I am at work, or anywhere at that matter. I do my best to remember my thoughts and not jet during a lapdance, although I have done that a few times…

When you are in motion and performing, you’re open and vulnerable yet powerful and sexy. Owning who you are is sexy and SEX sells. I take everything I learn in one world and fuse it with the other and the outcome is unstoppable. The energy Kayla displays while dancing carries the same energy as Seven while she is performing, and dancing to my own music is a great way to bring the two identities together. Testing my art in a club atmosphere is a great opportunity to see the reaction and impact on the crowd, and hearing it in big speakers gives the finishing touch. Different songs cater to different moods and being that the lyrics are my words, each song hits a certain spot, baring my soul (and everything else).


My club is home to rump shakers, go getters, curvy exotic women, and a has massively diverse music selection. The DJs read the crowd well and in a sense play mediator to connect the clients with the dancer. Although they favor the hip-hop listener, there isn’t anything they won’t play. You want electro? Here come the flashing lights and smoke. Country? Break out your cowboy hats and pull out your cash. Not to mention the standard request of customers: Nickelback. Whatever your flavor, pick your poison, ask and you shall recieve. The usual request of Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain” or just about anything from Pleasure P, typically comes from a dancer. It’s always an ego boost when another dancer requests to dance to one of my songs and the support of my girls means the world to me. My music isn’t the only local request–I also work with a team of talented artists known as Tha Union (download the mixtape here). Some of my favorite tracks to dance to are “She Get Low” by Vocab, Zito, Juma Blaq and Epik, “Hood Chick” by Zito, Wallace, Juma Blaq and Young Marquis, “I Do It” by Zito and my newest favorite, “Gangsta Fuck” by me.
Seven – Gangsta F**k by seventhaunion

Taking advantage of every opportunity, learning who the true me is, and gaining the ability to quit doubting myself on all levels have been tremendous gifts I have received since I started in the adult entertainment industry. It’s given me the confidence and self worth to come out of my shell as a singer and songwriter. I am an incurable optimist at heart who found her way to music through the adult industry and I am thankful for every second.

Welcome To Exotica International: Stepping foot into a busy night at Exotica is like stepping into another world. Addictive in a sense, and known as the party club of Portland, the only other strip club to cater to this type of music may as well be in another state.

Feelin’ Real Sexy Right Now: Break these babies out when I’m on a serious mission…$$$$$$$

I Run This Club: I’m on fire right now… ready and willing to accomodate the rowdy ones

Kayla aka Seven aka The Northwest Vixen is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon and is a member of Tha Union. She strives to put every bit of herself into her music and believes in bringing back creative elements that have been lost in the industry. Seven is currently working on her first project titled "You Wanted Me This Way." In the meantime, you can find her on SoundCloud and twitter.



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