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On Hustling

Obama really cares about all of you, especially the ones who paid $35,000 for a ticket to have dinner with him (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

It’s no secret that politicians are whores—they lie to make you feel good and appreciated, but are always out to make as much money off as many people as possible. So it turns out President Obama is visiting my hometown tonight and getting a bunch of wealthy businessmen to pay for the privilege of having dinner with him. Sound familiar? And don’t fancy escorts call themselves “dining companions” these days anyway? Obama’s not giving it up cheap though, with tickets ranging from $25 to $35,800.

Dogs & Dollars

Dancer Emma’s pup NeeNee says “I only work here to pay my tuition!” Obedience school is expensive.

Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at 

Stacks & Cats

It’s a Stacks & Cats first! Thanks to Starlet Harlot, we now have this amazing video to add to the annals of pets with money. Starlet writes:

This is my chocolate-point siamese princess, Angilie, with a bit over a grand worth of Australian hooker money. Angilie was in heat when this photo was taken and would NOT sit still, she was so occupied in rapturously rolling over and over in the stack of money—hmmmm, much like her mama does!! I think Angilie would love to be a little hooker kitty.
Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at

Stacks & Cats

Thanks to Ariel From Hell in Albuquerque, who says “Hi friends, longtime reader & fan. Thank you all so much. Here is my cat Cinco. He ain’t mad!”

Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at

Who Makes Your Money: WePay and Eden Alexander

eden01Eden Alexander’s current fundraiser is live here.

This weekend, a Twitterstorm erupted when payment processor WePay shut down a medical fundraiser for porn performer Eden Alexander. Alexander found herself in an unforgiving position after the complications she experienced from an allergic reaction to a prescription drug were misdiagnosed when a doctor assumed that since she was in the sex industry, her symptoms were those of drug use. The delay of proper care meant her condition worsened, and she couldn’t work. Like other self-employed Americans, Alexander doesn’t have sick days, and friends who were helping care for her set up a fundraising page on GiveForward to raise money for her.

GiveForward is a WePay-powered site where people can set up medical fundraisers. WePay came across tweets from Alexander’s friends offering adult materials in exchange for donations to Alexander’s fundraiser (yes, a payment processor was monitoring a user’s social media). They decided that this qualified as accepting payments for prohibited pornographic materials and shut down the fundraiser. Kitty Stryker, one of Alexander’s friends who set up the initial fundraiser, wrote about it here.

And then they experienced the wrath of Sex Worker Twitter and that of some allies with large follower bases. Coverage of the incident showed up on Gawker and The Rumpus, in blog posts by feminists and sociologists. Thanks to Molly Crabapple’s strong influence across Geek Twitter, Patton Oswalt tweeted about it. By Saturday afternoon, WePay had issued an official statement about the Alexander fundraiser, giving as their reason the offering of adult materials as rewards, and offering to help her restart her campaign. They did not mention if they would shut it down again if, say, a friend of Alexander’s, maybe another adult performer, offered a video or a photograph to someone who donated. This is something out of the control of a person who starts a fundraiser, although the founder of WePay said just the fact that Alexander retweeted those unasked-for incentives implicated her in a hypothetical exchange of funds for porn.