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We Want You!

Sadie Lune

Are you a current or former sex worker who loves Tits and Sass, but stumped on ways to contribute? We are always interested in anything pertaining to sex work in the news and/or in popular culture. If that’s too broad for you, we have a few suggestions. We are looking for pro/con pieces on the following topics. (Remember $pread magazine’s “Positions” column?) Tell us how you feel about:

Here are some broader themes we’re interested in exploring (as long as they are topical):

We also have an extensive list of movies, TV shows, documentaries and books that haven’t been reviewed. You can even write about a zine, a short story, an article, a podcast, a web series, a music video, or a study. Don’t have the time or inclination to write? Consider making a video blog (vlog), as we would love to start featuring vlogs on the site regularly. We also like our sex worker infographics if you have a trend you’ve been tracking. Work somewhere interesting? Tell us about convention season, what happens when Congress goes on vacation, or silly/antiquated local laws. And of course, there’s always Stripper Music Monday or letting your baller status animal companions do the talking. Remember, you can remain anonymous if you really want to blast your local hobbyist board or make confessions. Send your submissions and ideas to info at titsandsass dot com.

Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. I was thinking about writing a “support” blog for the SO’s of strippers. Boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, domestic partners etc. Dating a stripper is like owning a pet tiger. It’s definitely not for everyone. What do you think of my topic idea.

  2. I should start an SD blog, I am on several websites. Im not sure how popular it will be since I consider it escort work even tho most sugarbabies dont see it that way. If youre lucky enough to get somebody to pay your bills just for hanging out, dude I am happy for you but uhhhh. Thats never been my experience.


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