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Shit People Say To Sex Workers

My favorite part is at 2:06.

Civil Undressed also wrote a script of shit people say to her at the strip club.

“Do you think these make me look like a whore? Oh, no offense!”

We aren’t affiliated with the makers of this video, but thank you for putting us in your “Get Educated” list of sites.

What’s your favorite? Any others we’re missing?


  1. Ahhhhh-mazing. As trendy as the whole “Shit People Say” videos are, I think they’re awesome because most of them are forcing self-reflection on groups of people (white folks, upper-middle class yogis, and ignoramus’ of various persuasion) who think they are “normal” and don’t reflect on their own attitudes. People who judge sexworkers need some reflection time!

  2. “I’m DTF. Hey! I’d make a GREAT male escort!”

    “How much? Oh… I thought it was You pay ME. Phnar phnar.”

    After exchanging money for a service- “I wouldn’t mind dating a hooker/ stripper/ porn star… I think I’d be ok with that.” **looks hopefully at you, as if you’ve never had a freebie hunter as a client before and should be delighted.**

  3. Just remembered another one that I used to get all the time as a stripper and brothel worker. Looks down at your chest and asks “How many kids you got?” “None.” “No really, how many kids you got?”

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  5. “So whats your DAY JOB” ..

    “so what’s your REAL REAL name..”

    “What are you , in school or something? Why else would you do this?”

    sigh. I especially like the first vid.


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