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Stacks & Cats Monday

Each Monday, Tits and Sass will bring you pictures of money, pictures of cats, or pictures of cats with money. We encourage reader submissions! Please send your photos to

Bubbles' duffle bag of bachelor party tips and a marmalade kitty. Spike heeled Ellies in the upper left, practical Børn Mary Janes on the bottom.

Stacks & Cats

2ff07364125311e294471231380ff9db_7Stripper from Los Angeles, currently living in Detroit. This is my Zath posing with cash from some of my best nights.—Reagan

[editor’s note: I’m so insanely psyched to have this cat here this week. Zath is one of my favorite animals on Instagram]

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Dogs & Dollars

Piper‘s dog Raven takes her turn guarding the stacks.

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Strip Club Owners: Pay Your Damn Taxes, Pt 3

Rick Rizzolo blows all the other tax-evading strip club owners of America out of the water. Not only did he lose a strip club valued at $35 million at the time of its seizure, but he flagrantly violated his parole, maintained offshore accounts, and failed to pay the damages he owed a man paralyzed at the hands of CH2 security. Titanium balls, this guy has. Last month, a judge sent the former Crazy Horse Too owner back to jail. Rizzolo’s Mercedes was seized and his stepmother is being sued.

Stacks & Cats

imageI’m Lucy and I’m an LA based dominatrix. Here’s The ever elegant Mr. Javier swimming in a sea of money I made for my upcoming trip to Berlin. Keep up the excellent work and I’ll do the same 🙂

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