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The Week In Links: September 21

We like you for your atypically fun, glowing tourist report, Ian.

“I watched a stripper spend significant amounts of her time onstage giving the devil horns to a gaggle of hella burley metal dudes who cheered like proud parents”: Portland Comedian Ian Karmel wrote a truly great tourist report about what makes Portland strip clubs special. If Tits and Sass gave out rewards, this would receive one.

The Vancouver group Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence Society were granted standing to challenge antiprostitution laws, including those prohibiting brothels, outdoor solicitation, and “living off the avails of prostitution.”

Have you ever wondered about making a steam-powered vibrator? There is a Kickstarter for A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex which will include chapters on Victorian and modern sex work.

Gizmodo dove into camgirling with “Indentured Servitude, Money Laundering, and Piles of Money: The Crazy Secrets of Internet Cam Girls (NSFW).”

The Week In Links: January 4

"Christmas in the Brothel" by Edvard Munch, via
“Christmas in the Brothel” by Edvard Munch, via

It’s possible that this piece could have made its argument for the repeal of laws that ban drug felons from receiving food stamps without using “because they might turn to prostitution” as its main argument.

Unsurprisingly, former Olympian and recently outed former escort Suzy Favor Hamilton was uninvited from a speaking engagement at the Disneyland Half Marathon.

Former Suicide Girl Olivia Black was fired from the pawn shop where she worked, featured on the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,” after her past work came to light. Because pawn shops and reality television have REPUTATIONS to uphold, people.

New proposed porn filtering laws in the UK might include asking computer purchasers whether or not there are children in the household.

Not gonna lie: we’re linking to this article about licensing strippers in Indiana because we can’t believe the owner of the infamous Hip Hugger (known for being a crazy rural free-for-all with weird racist policies) is named Don Draper.

That customer who sued the New York Hustler club over his $28,000 bill was found responsible for his tab and ordered to pay up.

The Week In Links—August 15th

(Selfie of Peechington Marie, courtesy of Peechington Marie)
(Selfie of Peechington Marie, courtesy of Peechington Marie)

Related to an earlier Tits and Sass post this week, “Actually, My Hand Feeds Me,”  here’s more on the Annie Sprinkle kerfuffle.  For anyone who’s a little behind, Fornicatrix goes in depth over the context of the whole weekend before getting to Sprinkle and Peechington Marie added her beautiful two cents in “Be Careful With Your Hand, You Don’t Want it Bitten Off—Annie Sprinkle, Fantasies That Matter, Sex Work, and Erasure of People of Color.”

The Rose Alliance has begun a petition calling for the Swedish and Norwegian governments to care about the health and safety of sex workers, and to admit the dangers to sex workers that they gesture at but attempt to gloss over in the August report on the success of the Swedish model.

Porn performer Christy Mack was beaten horribly by her ex-boyfriend, Jonathon Koppenhaver (AKA: War Machine), last Friday, who then fled the scene, declaring via Twitter, “It wasn’t me.” Mack’s injuries, while not life-threatening, are severe. Unrepentant and high on the entitlement of an abuser, Koppenhaver tweeted, “She’s my property and always will be.”

The UK’s highest-paid sex worker has announced he’s A) paid more than the Prime Minister and B) out to end stigma against sex workers.Flaunting one’s income in an austerity economy sounds like a sure-fire way to do it, yeah.

The Barton Street East Neighborhood has an innovative way of dealing with the sex worker population amongst them: acceptance and support.

“The women are not a blight on the community, they’re an asset,” Braithwaite said, adding that the committee is not working to get rid of the women, but rather to work with them and make them feel safe…

“This community is not about gentrification, not about stopping (the women),” she said, adding that they are all “fibres of our community.

Part of making them feel safe is looking for support services, food, and health outreach spaces that the workers can access, as well as shelters where needed, and continuing with community education, so that residents are aware of issues facing the women.  The police force is also involved, having changed its focus from one of persecution to one of support and safety planning.

The Week in Links: August 24

We’re getting a little tired of the endless headlines about Tampa strippers gearing up for the Republican National Convention. But it’s almost over, so here ya go, one more. It’s kind of cute when the owner of Thee Dollhouse estimates that his average customer’s age is “somewhere between 35 and 80 years old.”
Lisa Ann talks politics and performance (and yes, the upcoming RNC) with the Miami New Times.

Sex workers are real people, for real—a writer at The Gloss met some and proved it.

A porn performer in L.A. tested positive for syphilis, leading to a hiatus in film production. Porn star Mr. Marcus claims that he’s the one to blame, and admitted to masking his positive test results in order to continue working.

The Week In Links—July 5th

Suzy Favor Hamilton in all her badass athletic glory (photo by Getty Images)
Former escort and college athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton in all her badass glory (photo by Getty Images)

The New York Times ran a substantial piece on the still-unsolved Long Island sex worker murders by Robert Kolker, author of a forthcoming book on the same subject.

Anwar al-Awlaki, a cleric assassinated by a US drone strike in Yemen, “regularly visited high end prostitutes” — if you think 7 times over ten months counts as regularity. How wonderful that this is a topic of discussion, and not his status as a murdered US-born man not charged with, let alone convicted of, any crime. (Can anyone clarify what counts as “high end” in the eyes of mainstream media? The only requirement seems to be working indoors.)

Canada’s recent Supreme Court case has sparked a discussion about indigenous women’s (overrepresented) presence in the nation’s sex trade.

There’s been a bunch of brouhaha over a recent bust in Melbourne, from which we’ve learned that being an East Asian migrant sex worker equates to being exploited. Strangely enough, none of the 100 women “saved” have been interviewed.

A German straight male escort is profiled here, if you’re curious. Warning: link contains confessions.

Suzy Favor Hamilton continues to be punished for working as an escort; the Big Ten has stripped her name from their female Athlete of the Year award.

Irish Senator David Norris, our new hero, says “the deliberate blurring of the boundaries between trafficking and sex workers is wrong.”