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Stripper, Florida. Paying my tax to the Supreme Leader, who typically peels off the large notes and leave the singles for litter. Mommy’s haul from a weekend of dancing, supplemented by drug money from a home mycology project. A total of $1121 dollars, which I was benevolently given permission to use toward new tires and brake pads.—Lexi

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Stacks & Cats Monday

As a pornographer and cam ho, I don’t deal in cash the way other sex workers do.  I just get boring checks and wire transfers like some kind of grown up with an office job.  When I withdrew cash at the bank for a trip, I had to get a photo of some of my earnings with my life partner/pimp/BFF, Mr. Mouse.Furry Girl

Stacks & Cats Monday

Dancer Jenna sent us this photo from a friend. A friend who is rich in money and kittens.

Sex workers, send us your pictures of cats, stacks, or cats and stacks at info@titsandsass.com (we’ll take dollars and dogs, too).

Loot & Lizards

I just started working this week and it’s gone better than I could have dreamed. Here is my bearded dragon Pancake sitting on six days’ earnings as an escort/kink provider in London, UK.

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.

Stacks & Cats

sugarHere’s a photo of my cat, Sugar, counting my riches after an extra successful weekend—Valentine, a sex worker in Portland, OR.

Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at info@titsandsass.com