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IMG_7563Hi there! I’m a stripper, nude model and porn blogger from Australia. It’s the end of the financial year down under and my cat Penny has been helping me do my taxes.

—Charlotte x


Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at info@titsandsass.com

Dogs & Dollars


I got the keys to a new apartment and moved the dogs in the day before the rest of the furniture. Slept on a sleeping bag, hid my stash in the dog food bag. Oops. My favorite part is how Josie is freaked out and Tyson is all, what?

—April Adams

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.

Dogs & Dollars

Here’s Evelyne’s Claus the weinerdog just before attempting to rip the new unrippable Canadian bills. His money-maker is an Ontario escort (“Student by day, ‘ho by night.”)

Stacks & Cats & Taxes



Kimber, a stripper of almost six years, sent us these pictures of her cat Jager supervising her tax filing and enjoying her night stacks before they’re sent away to the IRS.


Cat With Stack Meets Dog with Dollars

Here are Nova’s (@super00nova) tabby cat (Bama) and pitbull puppy (Grim) enjoying her hard earned money before it is to be spent on seriously over-priced holistic food.