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Stacks & Cats Monday

It's hard to count singles when you don't have thumbs.

Stacks & Cats Monday

For this Monday’s Stacks & Cats, we’d like to direct you to this incredible blog: CashCats.biz. It’s the greatest single-subject Tumblr ever this week.


(image from cashcats.biz)

Sex workers, send us your pictures of cats, stacks, or cats and stacks at info@titsandsass.com (we’ll take dollars and dogs, too).

Stacks & Cats Monday

Each Monday, Tits and Sass will bring you pictures of money, pictures of cats, or pictures of cats with money. We encourage reader submissions! Please send your photos to info@titsandsass.com.

Bubbles' duffle bag of bachelor party tips and a marmalade kitty. Spike heeled Ellies in the upper left, practical Børn Mary Janes on the bottom.

Stacks & Cats

This is my 14-year-old cat Esther (also known as the Pesterhide Miawler), guarding my earnings for the week. After a day at work, my ritual is to arrange my earnings in stacks of $100 in a neat grid, either on the floor or on my bed. Must be the Virgo in me, but I LOVE seeing all that cash arranged so neatly.—Carmen

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.

Loot & Lizards

I just started working this week and it’s gone better than I could have dreamed. Here is my bearded dragon Pancake sitting on six days’ earnings as an escort/kink provider in London, UK.

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.