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This Week in Pole Dance and Popular Culture

Enrique Iglesias’ “Dirty Dancer” premiered Wednesday with what I think is the best actual pole dancing (and floor work) I’ve seen in a music video. I don’t think the athletes in the video are what any of us would refer to as “dirty dancers.” The futuristic strip club reminds me of a defunct Portland club that opened in the former space of a super-mod sushi restaurant called Electrofish Lounge. They kept all the furniture and decor and added a pole, and it looked a lot like this except for the surveillance camera hawks. Charlotte wants to know why Enrique is dressed like Justin Bieber.

Taking a cue from Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears pulled a male audience member on stage during her performance at Staples Center in LA on Monday night. He looks a lot more comfortable than Steve Nash, no? While one, let alone two feather boas is a total no-no (they shed everywhere and sweat plus feathers is a bummer), it’s pretty accurate. The jumping on the pole and straddling the guy from behind is a classic bachelor/birthday stage dance move.

America’s Got Talent featured an androgynous self-proclaimed “pole-fessional” who made it past the first round using two spinning poles and dancing to Katy Perry. Catherine says, “Gotta love a man in stripper heels and body glitter!” I kinda don’t think the black Mary Janes go with the silver though.


  1. thanks for sharing these videos, kat! rad.
    1. i loved the first video, and i totally have those wood-grained heels the last girl was wearing. seeing them in the video confirms my idea that they are the very hottest stripper heels ever made.
    2. i love britney. so much. like, SO MUCH. i think you know how i feel about feather boas, though. i wish people would stop propagating the idea that those mangy messes are sexy. JUST. STOP.
    3. OMG OMG OMG i loved steve the pole-fessional. i agree that the black maryjanes were hideous and didn’t go with the silver. easy for us to say, though, since we have girl-sized feet and can choose any shoes we want. ever notice that queens and transladies seem to often sport less than perfect footwear? it’s hard to find ladies shoes in a size 14.

    xoxoxoxo andi

  2. Love this post. I have to admit I think Enrique Iglasias has had some smoking sexy videos. Yeah, I bought the “Escape” video featuring Ann Kournikova on iTunes. I thought it was that hot. Not the biggest fan of his music, but his videos? Uh, yes please.

    Now for the pole-fessional. Oh hell yeah, that takes some fucking skill! About time pole dancing is seen for the real talent it is and I’m not talking about the wanna-be distorted versions presented in work-out pole classes. If it ain’t sexy, it ain’t pole dancing. It’s posing.

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