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The Week in Links: September 9

Wanna join the “mile high club”? This Amsterdam based escort agency, now offers sex on a private jet. Might not be the most sustainable sex work but we give kudos for their entrepreneurial spirit.

Whores’ Glory, a documentary about prostitution in three different global locales, hits the festival circuit.

The Missouri Supreme Court heard arguments in a challenge to the state’s extremely restrictive strip club legislation.

Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin doesn’t know the difference between polls and poles.

Remember last week’s HIV scare that shut down LA’s porn industry? The performer retested HIV negative.

One of the ladies of Basketball Wives: LA is a former stripper. Just one?

Celebrity name .xxx domains are not available for sale.

That convicted felon who funneled HIV/AIDS funds towards opening DC’s Stadium Club is a homophobic asshole.

Brandon Wade, founder of multiple Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby websites, is also (apparently) a “leading relationship expert.” Check out his Labor Day dating tips for unemployed singles.

MIT’s newspaper The Tech, runs an opinion article dragging Lead Wey (now Brandon Wade -see above) through the mud regarding motivations and morals surrounding his website, SeekingArrangement.com.

San Antonio man who embezzled more than $500,000 to pay for his “stripper addiction” gets 20 year term.

Backpage.com still under attack for lax policies preventing underage sex trafficking with its services. Long time sexworker activist Norma Jean Almodovar comments to defend Backpage and prosecute anti-sexwork officials.

Study shows that smartphone sex is becoming more and more popular in Britain.

USA Today discusses “sexonomics” while reviewing Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom by Catherine Hakim.

Too cheap to hire an escort to join the mile high club? Watch porn on airplanes.

Brothels in New Zealand expect high sales during upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Actress Sheridan Smith burlesques with the best in a strip show to raise money for charity.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival will be showing a play about exotic dancers performed by actress and teacher, Hanna Williams.

In Nigeria, one state commissioner discusses policy to discourage prostitution.

Wikileaks cable sparks discussion of anti-trafficking policies in Mumbai, India. Like most news articles, discussion does not distinguish between consensual adult prostitution and child trafficking.

A Washington DC transgender community complains police have done little to protect them from a series of recent violent attacks in part, they say, because DC police perceive transgender individuals as sex workers. 

In India, unorganized workers including sex workers, sought minimum wage, recognition and ID cards and urge civil society and police to stop targeting them as carriers of HIV.

Kenyan sex worker and human rights organizer John Mathenge Mukaburu speaks about his work advocating and empowering sex workers to access health care and strive for social justice.

In Hong Kong, the Court of Appeal overturned the murder conviction of  a man who killed a prostitute in 2008. He plead guilty to manslaughter.

Police arrested over 15 people at the Goddess Temple in Phoenix for prostitution. “Instead of Johns they were called seekers. Instead of sexual intercourse it was called sacred union,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos. “The women were not called prostitutes, they were called goddesses.”

In Florida, a prostitute is suing police for using excessive force when arresting her, including use of a taser that seriously and permanently injured her.

A Swiss social worker published a study suggesting “prostitution is safer for sex workers and customers when it is treated as a profession.”

Ohio’s Court of Appeal didn’t buy strip club owners’ arguments that strict no-touching laws violate first amendment rights.


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