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The Week in Links: September 2

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A performer in porn films tested positive for HIV this week in Los Angeles, prompting a temporary halt to film production. The HIV scare in the porn industry is also fodder for further discussion on mandated condom use for performers.

An English high school teacher and sex worker was found guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” after his students found an online trailer for his porn film. He was allowed to keep his job under the condition he quit sex work.

A U.S. commission recently uncovered the truth that thousands of sex workers, prisoners, and psychatric patients in Guatemala were knowingly infected with Syphilis during the 1940’s in the name of research by doctors from the U.S. and Guatemala.

A one-act play about a phone sex operator opened in Victoria this week.

Mayor of an Ohio town steps down after being arrested for solicitation.

The Texas Supreme court considered the state’s “titty tax,” a $5-per-head surcharge for strip clubs, constitutional, overturning the decisions of two previous courts and ensuring further appeals from the Texas Entertainment Association Inc.

A Manhattan man is suing Hustler for getting him so drunk he was “no longer able to conduct financial transactions,” subsequently racking up a bill close to $30,000.

A city in Germany installs parking-meter-like ticket machines for streetwalkers to use to pay the prostitution tax.

The District of Columbia is suing Stadium Club owner Cornell Jones, alleging that he used funds intended for HIV outreach to open a strip club.

An Italian businessman and his wife were arrested for allegedly extorting money from Premier Silvio Berluscone for cooperation in a prostitution related probe. Burluscone is not under investigation in this case as he is considered the victim of extortion, though he is on trial in Milan for allegedly paying a 17 year old prostitute to sleep with him.

The owners of Kat’s first club continue to be in trouble for money laundering and prostitution. The author of this article failed to notice that Dillinger’s and Sugar Shack Too no longer exist, and are in fact replaced by The Dophin III.

Furry Girl has been combing through recent Wikileaks cables and reporting on sexworker issues and abortion politics discussed amongst governmental leaders. She also encourages readers to do their own searches of the cables.

Al Jazeera broadcasts show looking at Europe through the eyes of undocumented Africans sexworkers.

Strip clubs and prostitutes are gearing up for the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida. Strip club owner, Joe Redner, is looking forward to a spike in sales adding “Republicans got plenty of money. They take it all from poor people.”

Yes! Magazine reviews Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild’s book, Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers In the New Economy.

Las Vegas might not be more of a sin city than the rest of big cities in the United States— they’re just better at pretending to be.

Walk down stripper memory lane with this week’s Ethic’s of Lust: On the Legality of Stripping and Burlesque.

Martha Coakley joins 44 national Attorney Generals in an attack on Village Voice for its adult services ads through Backpage.com, claiming the adult service advertisements promote child sex trafficking.

In Billings, Montana the owners of Shangri La Spa and Sauna and Far West Sauna pleaded guilty to  charges of interstate promotion of prostitution and money laundering.

Ooops! A man in Kansas was arrested for paying a prostitute after he called 911 claiming he was robbed by a call girl. He then admitted to police he had willingly paid her but had complained she didn’t look like her advertisement and she told him she didn’t give refunds.

In another instance of police misconduct against sex workers, North Providence police chief was arrested for allegedly stealing over $700 from a stripper and prostitute and then tried to cover up the alleged crime.

Big Boi speaks on the practice of testing out new music in strip clubs.

In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, police were called to restrain a preacher attempting to beat a prostitute after she had gotten angry with him for scaring off potential customers in his religious zeal to show her the light. She told him to go preach to his mother and he threw his Bible away and prepared to “teach her a lesson”.

The Daily Nation explores the Latin verb prostituere from which we get the English, to prostitute. The Latin word means nothing more controversial than, “to offer something for sale.”

In Michigan, Ypsilanti police and the Sheriff’s department have teamed up to run a sting on prostitutes working Michigan Avenue. Police and social workers say that drug abuse and mental illness cause the women’s lifestyle choices and are trying to be more effective by addressing these issues.


  1. “Fornication” is Latin from “fornix”, which simply means “to stand under an arch.” Prostitutes in Rome stood under the aqueducts and triumphal arches to peddle their wares.


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