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The Week In Links—October 24

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Courtney Love tweets about the strip club bet which marks her reconciliation with Dave Grohl. (Screencap of Courtney Love’s twitter feed.)

As of this posting,  Tits and Sass contributor Peechington Marie’s fundraiser to allay funeral costs for the families of young murdered Black strippers Tjisha Ball and Angelia Mangum is closing in two hours. Contribute and make those two hours count!

Courtney Love and Dave Grohl buried the hatchet and made a bet about who could get the most strippers at Scores.  (A source reports that Grohl is an excellent tipper!) Though Love left early, she’s not letting the bet go.  She can have me for free.

Mixed martial arts fighter and noted batterer of women War Machine (Jonathan Koppenhaver) hung himself with his bed sheet in jail and…survived.

Belle Knox has nothing but high praise for the Law and Order: SVU episode that borrows her story.

A new city ordinance in Oakland allows the city to evict people suspected of being sex workers, and requires their landlords do the same.

In fact—when it comes to sex work, at least—a tenant does not need to have committed any crime to be evicted for that crime. “The crime solicited need not actually be committed for solicitation to occur,” the amended bill now reads.

Northern Ireland is voting on implementing the Nordic model on Monday as sex workers protest, while new Irish research has backed up what everyone else has been saying: criminalizing the purchase of sex does sex workers no favors.

Strippers at Seattle’s Dreamgirls are suing to prevent the release of their names to a man who has filed for a public records request.

In a move that’s giving rise to a lot of “literal branding” jokes, Long Island strip club Show Palace is renting out bits of its dancers’ skin as advertising space in the form of temporary tattoos.  Do the dancers get a cut?

Is Sex Work Empowering or Enslaving? HuffPo asks the irrelevant questions.

Several clients came out of the woodwork this week: one called in to a Seattle radio show to defend sex workers’ agency and explain why proposed “Buyer Beware” legislation, which targets clients with education and warnings, won’t work. Another wrote an op-ed about his experiences at Salon.

A Sarasota strip club is suing the county for over 5 million in lost revenue caused by a local mandate requiring strippers to cover their nipples with pasties.

An Australian bingo center had “its most popular bingo night in years” after booking strippers to liven things up.

The Melbourne Herald Sun profiles some of Melbourne’s escorts, including Jane Green, an officer in Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association.  She says,

“I was washing dishes in a nightclub and at the time they had test tube cocktails — every time I broke one of those cocktails by mistake I had to pay for it. It was an awful job. There are terrible labour conditions in a range of industries, but people always go on about the sex industry as if it’s particularly different.

Toronto police have arrested a suspect in the murder of sex worker Evelyn Bumatay Castillo.

Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH), a sex worker support service, is asking for donations to get their outreach van running again.  They use the van to do outreach with street workers, distributing condoms and clean needles as well as information and emergency accommodation.

Following in the footsteps of Tanya Tate (who did a sex tour of Ireland), porn star Rebecca More is traveling across England and picking up strangers to have sex with for her new reality show, Rebecca More’s Sex Tour.

Switzerland is no longer issuing special permits for foreign strippers from Russia, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand, on the grounds that it promotes sexual exploitation.

Seven women were murdered in Indiana, including at least one sex worker, 19 year old Afrika Hardy.  A friend or co-worker of Hardy’s received texts that appeared to be from Hardy, which led to the discovery of her body and ultimately the arrest of her murderer.

Leigh Davids discusses the difficulties of getting proper health care while criminalized and stigmatized and the struggle of South African sex workers’ rights group SWEAT to have sex work decriminalized by 2016.

SWEAT responds to increasing violence  against sex workers in Kenilworth, South Africa, by declaring that decriminalization is the only way to stop the violence.

Seattle may have the fastest growing sex industry in the States.

In a serious miscarriage of justice, four strippers and a strip club manager are facing jail time for the robbery of a hedge fund manager. Has no one heard of Robin Hood?

Kat Muscat runs over the problems with “prostitute” and why people need to stop using it.

Vice’s on-again, off-again coverage of sex work is very much on point with this video about sex workers who have been forced to work in sweat shops as part of “rescue” efforts.




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