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The Week in Links: May 27

A Stockholm sex worker was kicked out of school—meaning banned from taking classes, not banned from teaching—because of her (legal) work. This on top of the news that European students are increasingly entering into or considering entering into the sex industry.

Kristen Davis aka the Manhattan Madam is claiming that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the (former) IMF head recently charged with attempted rape, used her services in 2006. Meanwhile, the heinous defense lawyers for Strauss-Kahn have announced their intent to look for a history for sex work in the accuser’s past, based on the suspicion that she might be HIV positive.

Speaking of HIV, it looks like not all sex workers in the Philippines are infected with it which is a big shock to health officials: “This […] has shattered the traditional belief that HIV-AIDS only infects sex workers and homosexuals.”

Underneath this journalist’s cliched and banal opening (“selling her body”? Really?) is a very sweet story about sex workers helping one another receive sex education and health counseling.

Justice is served: horrible man gets 22 years in prison after kidnapping and assaulting two prostitutes. Scroll down to the article’s end to read an interesting overview of how this “Multnomah County case is one of several in recent years in which women on the street or in prostitution sought help from the law and saw significant prison sentences doled out to their attackers.”

A newly elected Indian Congresswoman invited sex workers to attend her swearing in ceremony. And here’s a fascinating article on India’s border to Bangladesh and how the circumstances of life in that area facilitate prostitution.

Cool move, Utah. The state recently passed one of the shittiest, most First-Amendment-infringing laws ever in an attempt to prosecute more sex workers: now getting naked or touching one’s self is evidence of soliciting sex for money. Naturally, this abomination is defended as a move to protect underage prostitutes. Yeah.

An anonymous Zimbabwean journalist paid to sleep with a prostitute, ostensibly in order to get his story. The resulting article is bizarre in the extreme: “For the first time, I wanted to have intercourse with a prostitute. I took her from behind. Nervous, I wasn’t very gentle and seemed to hurt her. The pain I saw on her beautiful face made me stop.”

London is about to see its first sex worker film festival.

First Danielle Staub was going to strip at Scores again. Then she quit, saying she was in need of psychiatric help. Now she’s being sued by the chain of clubs.


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