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The Week in Links: July 29

A City of Denver asphalt paving truck was busted at the Diamond Cabaret car wash.

A friendly tourist report about Portland’s Foot Night, with a mention of Tonya Jone Miller. Kat still thinks they sound like the “Groupon of the sex industry.”

Norma Jean Almodovar takes on Melissa Farley in this amazing little video. There is dancing.

Mata Hari was sentenced to death this week in 1917.

Stars from the American Pie series danced on stage at the Clermont Lounge.

Thai prostitutes are being used to poach rhino horns in South Africa.

Police arrested 44 people at a strip club in Arlington, TX

The City of Detroit has to pay nearly $3 million to the former owners of a strip club.

The US State Department has expressed concern over the possibility of human trafficking in New Zealand, where prostitution is legal. Catherine Healy, of the New Zealand based Prostitutes Collective, claims that they’ve found absolutely zero sex workers who are trafficking victims, and calls the word trafficking “such a dramatic catch-all.”

In the midst of remodeling, Rick’s Strip Club in Seattle was hit by a fire that left $650,000 in damage. Roger Forbes had recently purchased the club in a federal auction, after the Colacurcio family lost it due to legal troubles.

A British study produces “flabbergasting findings” (says Huffington Post) about how not all sex workers are dumb and desperate, and that 93 percent of workers enter the biz with money as the prime incentive. Flabbergasting indeed!

A new law in New York City makes prostitution a felony if conducted within 1,000 feet of a school.

An Illinois stripper recently sued her club for failing to protect her from her coworkers. Dancer Ann Mollett claims that other entertainers at the club beat her and attacked her with a knife. She seeks $50,000 in damages.

Male porn star James Deen gave a great interview to Salon this week about his work with Kink.com.

Time Warner Cable complains that the availability of free web porn is cutting into their sales.


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