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The Week In Links: July 15

New York Gov. Cuomo is considering a bill that would increase penalties for those convicted of street prostitution. You can sign a petition discouraging him from doing so.

Whorelover is an anthology being compiled of essays from the partners of sex workers. Today is the last day for submissions.

Over the past three years, 44 women have been murdered in Mexicali, Mexico. The vast majority were prostitutes.

In 1998, the boyfriend and pimp of a Welsh prostitute were convicted of her murder—only to have a client later confess to being the sole guilty party. Now, police are being charged with conspiracy to “pervert the course of justice” for their involvement in the unjust convictions.

A Canadian city counsel decided to spend $500,000 of taxpayer money to buy and shut down a strip club, preventing the Hell’s Angels from buying it for the more reasonable $346,000. Well done, elected officials!

Six Florida strip club employees accepted a settlement after suing the city for a policeman’s illegal strip search. The police department still denies wrong-doing.

A Houston club is being sued over its racist policies.

Portland has a club called Pitiful Princesses. Kat would probably be pleased to play Pitbull preceded by Prince at Pitiful Princesses’ potentially packed premiere party.

A New Mexico escort talks about how the recent prostitution board bust has affected her work.

Taiwan is taking steps toward decriminalization.

Melissa Gira Grant wrote about the historical roots of Kutcher’s trafficking campaign, and (separately) about rape and the rumors that DSK’s accuser is a prostitute.

On johns outing themselves.

A Canadian (non-commercial) pilot landed his plane in the parking lot of a strip club and proceeded to stop in for a visit before flying away.

A new sex worker reality TV show is about to premiere in Zambia. Called “Ready for Marriage,” the show is about former prostitutes finding husbands. Those contestants who don’t find love will be consoled with cash and “real” jobs.

Porn producers, desperate to halt their falling incomes from illegal downloading, and now targeting porn downloaders for lawsuits, record industry style.


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