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The Week in Links: January 27

Siemens-built prostitute meter

The German town of Bonn has declared that its prostitution meters—a means to tax commercial sex—are a success.

Rebecca Hall plays a “free-spirited, seemingly ditzy Florida stripper aspiring to make it as a cocktail waitress in Vegas” in the new Stephen Frears movie Lay the Favorite. Just like in real life, strippers aren’t always who you expect them to be!

Susannah Breslin of Forbes spoke with some of the biggest names in porn (including past Tits and Sass interviewee Stoya and contributor Lorelei Lee) about how newly mandated condoms within the city of L.A. will affect their industry.

The U.K.’s only drug treatment center for sex worker mothers will close due to funding shortfalls.

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear arguments in the case strip clubs have brought contesting the state’s pole tax. The clubs may still have other avenues for contesting the tax (the current case challenges the law on First Amendment grounds).

According to a newly released study, 7 percent of teens and adults have oral HPV.

Rachel Kramer Bussel explains the appeal of strip clubs, and why they need not make civvie women jealous.

Google + is apparently the new place to go for unauthorized hardcore porn.

Diablo Cody spoke with the Guardian about her days as a stripper, which eventually inspired the memoir Candy Girl:  “I had a safety net that I think a lot of the women I was working with didn’t have. I had a college degree, I was in a relationship, I wasn’t an alcoholic or a drug addict. Other than the fact I was a stripper, I was a surprisingly stable person.”

Lawrence Taylor, who was convicted of soliciting an underage prostitute, discussed his legal woes this week on Inside the NFL.

Jimmy Clabots, a real-escort who stars in Showtime’s Gigolos, has denied accusations of domestic violence , and is currently out of jail on $50,000 bond.

A Los Angeles cop who was fired for appearing in a porn video is fighting to get his job back.

Joanna Angel spoke with the Las Vegas Sun shortly before attending the AVN Awards last weekend.

The Baltimore Sun criticized Florida strip clubs’ commemoration of Martin Luther King Day, which included an original poster “of the nation’s greatest human rights leader holding up a fan of $100 dollar bills like some low-rent ‘playa’ while a scantily clad woman looks on.”

Legislators in Washington, D.C., are debating over a new proposal to allow the chief of police to permanently label areas of the city “prostitution-free zones,” which would make criminal penalties for solicitation in these neighborhoods significantly higher. Currently, a prostitution-free zone may be declared, but the demarcation is valid for only 20 days.

Fifty-nine people in Chesterfield, Va., were arrested in a prostitution sting.

Kitty Stryker (a Tits and Sass contributor!) spoke with the San Francisco Bay Guardian about sexual abuse in BDSM communities. Jiz Lee also spoke with the Guardian on the same topic, as well as Madison Young‘s panel discussion on consent and sex work, which took place last night.



  1. I loved Rachel Kramer Bussel’s piece.

    The worst in a strip club, though, is women who go to make their boyfriend’s happy, get a double dance, and then stare you down the entire time. What a terrible feeling, for all three of you. Oh, but when the women seem as into it as the men? It starts a snowball of affection and leads to them leaving as quickly as possible to fuck.

    Isn’t that a much happier scenario?

    • Yes, the link between oral sex itself and HPV and/or cancer without any mention of the incidence of prophylactic usage is irresponsible, but I wouldn’t write off the disease because of consistently bad reporting. It’s not quite as prevalent as the common cold (more like bronchitis), but it is everywhere, and it’s eerie how little we still know about it. I don’t see why it would be any less common transmitted orally, since, ironically of course, safer oral sex practices are so abysmal among civilians.

  2. I think Diablo Cody’s movies are great, and I like her writing style. But does she SERIOUSLY believe she is so above every stripper that has ever stripped?!

  3. I’m so intrigued by the German prostitution meters. I’m ignorant to Germany’s legalized system, but I do hope the “sex tax” goes toward health care and worker support across the board.


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