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The Week in Links: February 24

Cherry, a film co-written by porn performer Lorelei Lee and former sex worker Stephen Elliot, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival last week.

Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon.com spoke with Lux Alptraum, the new CEO of porn blog Fleshbot. Alptraum took over the site a few weeks ago when it split from Gawker Media.

Though it doesn’t start off on a very promising note (“with so many ways to make extra money, no woman should have to resort to taking off her clothes”), this article from Redbook on mothers who strip is ultimately not as judgmental as one might expect. It’s for that precise reason that a Fox News blogger flipped out over it.

Perhaps inspired by the prostitution-free zones of Washington, D.C.., Tampa police have established a “Prostitution Enforcement Zone,” an area of the city that bans anyone with a felony prostitution record.

Sex worker Catherine Stephens reviews House of Tolerance, a film set in a Parisian brothel circa 1900.

Jillian Lauren, author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, talked to Salon.com about her decision to write a memoir.

In Vice magazine, porn star Kimberly Kane criticizes the new Los Angeles city ordinance requiring condoms to be used in porn.

A Los Angeles marijuana dispensary owner is trying to discourage a porn shop from opening in the same strip mall, out of concern for what he believes will be an increase in neighborhood crime.

The operators of PornVisit.com were ordered to pay $4 million to another porn company for copyright infringement.

A mass arranged marriage of 15 Indian prostitutes is scheduled for March 11 in the village of Wadia in Gujarat.

Digital radio station Jazz FM apologized to listeners after inadvertently airing a few minutes of what sounded like the audio recording of a gay porn film. Oops!

Wonderful Pistachios, a UK pistachio brand, will soon air a TV commercial featuring a dominatrix cracking a nut open with her whip.
The Godfather,  strip club in Louisville, is suing Trixie’s, another local club, for running ads that insult their dancers.


  1. Why does Jillian Lauren always talk about things that ‘imprint’ on girls to be sex workers? It bugged me in the book, too, this assumption that women only get into sex work if they’re damaged, or into drugs, or are depressed, or abused, or had inappropriate relationships.

    It really bothers me.

  2. Re: Redbook Article. Could have predicted the reaction of the blogger simply because it’s a Fox News Blogger. I got about two sentences in to the ‘response’ and couldn’t take anymore. Fox bloggers must have a template blog: “In my parents day (insert liberal idea that is destroying America) wasn’t tolerated” then “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kids to be Muslim gay devil worshippers so I’m going to denounce this because it doesn’t agree exactly with my ideals.” Just swap gays, health care, single moms, whatever for strippers and it’s the exact same thing. Sorry to get political, just the complete lack of original thought from Fox is striking, and somewhat amazing.

  3. Yeah, I wanted to leave some of my own feedback on the page, but….Couldn’t find a comment box!

    Either I didn’t look hard enough (wouldn’t surprise me, I’m lazy) or they don’t give the option, which would surprise me even less.

    I did however, write Redbook and thank them, and leave a nice comment via Facebook also.

  4. Seeing and hearing Stephen Elliott guy exploit his former ‘sexworker’ status to downplay his real identity: he is nothing but the epitome of patriarchy who consumes sex trade just as another typical john– drives me up the wall.

  5. Elle – You are not lazy! After I breezed past the sponsored links in bold that read “Mom is 55, Looks 35..” and “The New ‘Skinny” Fruit’ I too looked for a “leave a comment” or feedback link. Our plan B comrades is to write to Penny via her workplace: mail@cwfa.org.

    Bonus points as FoxNews RECOMMENDED STORIES has a link for the announcement that Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence. If FoxNews reporters had those, interviews would be a bit shorter.

    Think I can find a porn link with a stripping Japanese woman who looks 20 years younger eating a piece of fruit?


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