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The Week in Links: December 16


Pole dancing may soon become an Olympic sport.

Art Hage, pastor at the Hurricane Bible Church and Ministries in West Virginia, has big pans for a nearby abandoned building that used to be the Pink Pony strip club. Hage will transform the former “haven of evil” into another church, if only he can raise $800,000.

The Maine Human Rights Commission found PTs Showclub guilty of discrimination for firing a black dancer because of her ethnicity.

Long Island police discovered a corpse that they believe is the remains of Shannan Gilbert, a sex worker who disappeared in May 2010. Bizarrely, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer believes she may have accidentally drowned in the swamp where her body was found, and that she was not a victim of the Long Island serial killer.

Three men and one woman in China have been arrested as suspects in the murder of 10 people, including eight sex workers, between 1998 and 2004.

The New York Post has figured out that strippers can make pretty decent money.

The Sundial (the student newspaper at Cal State Northridge) profiles a few sex workers pursuing higher education, including Jessie Nicole, director of SWOP-LA.

A London writer tries out a class with pro-domme Mistress Josephine, head of the London School of Mistressing.

Inmates at multiple Kyrgyzstani prisons have gone on a hunger strike in response to new restrictions on visitors, namely prostitutes.

Police in Baltimore claim to have identified “a persistent problem of transgender prostitution in south Charles Village,” and have encouraged people to call the police if they see motorists “meeting with suspected prostitutes.” So basically, if you’re in Baltimore and see a transgender woman, the cops think you should assume she’s a prostitute and call them immediately.

Korean women who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels during World War II protested for the 100th time this week outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul. The women began protesting every Wednesday 20 years ago, and demand a formal apology from the Japanese government.

Fourteen people were arrested in a prostitution bust in Myrtle Beach.

Dominique Jackson of the Daily Mail challenges the mainstream media’s apparent revelation that students using sex work to pay their tuition is a new phenomenon.

New York City lawmakers are proposing to raise fines on anyone who knowingly drives (a cab or limousine, for example) a victim of sex trafficking.

West Virginia University has bought 18 .xxx domains that relate to the name of their school and/or mascot in order to prevent them from eventually being turned into porn sites.

Porn star Sunny Leone is the most Googled celebrity in India.

TheyFit condoms launched this week, a UK-based company that offers condoms in 95 different sizes.

The City of Los Angeles has sued to block a proposed ballot initiative that would require all adult film actors to wear condoms.

Attention, sex workers with breast implants: If you like having nipples, don’t smoke cigarettes.

After spending the last two years in prison, former exotic dancer Michele Linehan has been cleared of charges that she murdered her ex-husband. 



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