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The Week In Links—August 30

photo via Reluctant Femme
photo via Reluctant Femme

Brooke Magnanti picks apart the spurious statistics behind panic in the UK over Vietnamese nail salons serving as fronts for sex slavery.

The LA Times published a long story about former studio executive Richard Nanula, including his habit of hiring porn performers to make “private” movies, thinking he would be legally immune to solicitation charges by doing so.

This piece at The Toast elaborates on the problems with the Swedish model of criminalizing sex work clients.

A porn performer tested positive for HIV; the news prompted calls for a moratorium on filming last week.

Making pornography is a capital crime in North Korea, as we find out in this horrible story about Kim Jong Un having performers, including his former girlfriend, executed by firing squad on the basis of accusations of making amateur porn.

Julie Bindel strikes again, this time on female sex tourists in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

Norma Jean Almovdar published the first two parts of a three-part series on the legal issues raised with the conflation of prostituion and trafficking.

The Swiss drive-in sex boxes are off to a slow start. While the boxes have been a popular target of jokes, this explanatory BBC article quotes a a Zurich social services agent making a salient point: “I don’t think violence is funny. And the cause for prostitution usually is poverty, and I don’t think poverty is funny either. So what we are doing here is serious.”

Two more escorts are dead in Vancouver.  The police response could have been better, as this critique points out.

Inquiries have been opened into police misconduct towards sex workers in South Africa. Officers stand accused of robbing and raping workers and one is accused of filming sex acts he forced sex workers to perform.

Bangladeshi sex workers are illegally evicted from brothels under pressure from religious groups that happens to aid land grabs.

The Erotic Service Providers Union has started a petition to remove a provision that denies victim compensation to victims who have been involved in prostitution and ex-prisoners on parole or probation.

A former client of an ex-sworker stalked, kidnapped, and raped her, and was found to have 100 more people under surveillance and plans to abduct brothel workers. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

This Australian reporter discovers cam work.


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