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The Week in Links: August 17

Porn actor James Deen released a PSA about condom use.

It’s time to vote for panels for SXSW 2013—specifically meaning, it’s time to go vote for us! The staff of Tits and Sass have proposed a panel called “Mad Men to Magic Mike: Sex Work in Pop Culture.”

The Gloss published this personal essay by a former prostitute/current stripper on the difficulties of maintaining a relationship while working in the sex industry.

The New York Post ran a characteristically judgmental story on Melissa Petro’s latest career move, which is teaching memoir writing at the Gotham Writing Workshop. Melissa published a response on Jezebel.

The FBI and local police collaborated in a prostitution sting that resulting in 23 arrests in Reno, Nev. The two-day operation was was called “Innocence Lost,” even though the youngest suspect arrested was an 18-year-old man. Since when are we worried about protecting 18-year-old male innocence?

Elton John said Madonna’s career is over, and she looks like “a fucking fairground stripper.” There are strippers at fairgrounds?

Nicholas Gruber, ex-porn star and ex-boyfriend of Calvin Klein, announced plans to write a memoir.

Porn actress Lisa Ann (of Who’s Nailin’ Palin) will reprise her Sarah Palin impersonation at a Tampa strip club during the Republican National Convention.

A strip club in Harrisburgh, Pa., has offered to pay for new streetlights in the city’s struggling downtown area.

Dominatrix Mistress Precious shares her tax advice with the L.A. Weekly.

Los Angeles city leaders are considering hiring a medical professional to inspect porn sets and assure that the new condom ordinance is being observed.

Danah Boyd wrote a piece for the Huffington Post on what anti-trafficking activists stand to learn from sex workers.

Sex workers in Hong Kong are speaking up about the corruption of the local police, who are legally allowed to receive sexual services as part of prostitution investigations.

Is the Internet detrimental to the sex industry?

A male stripper in Scotland is on trial for giving a performance to a bachelorette party at a restaurant.

Former call girl Ashley Dupre is engaged and expecting her first child.



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