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Stripper Music Monday: Stripper POV Songs

Normally Stripper Music Monday is about music strippers dance to, but today’s features music by actual strippers from a stripper’s point of view. When a lady has her stacks and bought studio time, it’s natural that she’ll sing about what she knows. Here are some of the results.

Memphis rapper/alleged dollar store robber/former Three Six Mafia member Gangsta Boo released the classic “Can I Get Paid (Get Your Broke Ass Out) — Da Strippers’ Anthem” in 2001. It’s nothing short of a stripper tragedy that a full video doesn’t exist for this song. It’s hilarious and great to play as a fuck you track for a boring, broke crowd.

Sheena G owns several jack shacks in Portland, OR. The video’s entertaining; the song is pretty horrible. There’s a remix with E-40 available on her site that’s a little better.

Pleasant Gehman has an extensive background in exotic dancing from stripping to burlesque to bellydance. She sang the flat, bleak lyrics on Peace Division’s “Blacklight Sleaze” from the POV of a Times Square stripper.



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