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Stripper Music Monday: Grace Potter Respects Strippers Enough To Stare And Not Tip

From Cincinnati CityBeat:

GP: I knew what I wanted “Paris (Ooh La La)” to be. I had a concept of what I wanted the video to look like. But we really wanted to see how dancers move and watch these girls dance to our songs. A lot of these clubs would be playing “Paris” in the club which is really crazy to see. We were in New Orleans and that was the first time we ever saw an exotic dancer dancing to our song which was a real inspiration actually. It may sound cheap, but it was a really fulfilling experience to see the string of dancers moving to our music. What we do there, it’s not a degrading experience, and we’re not throwing dollar bills or anything like that. We are the quiet weird band that lurks in the corner.

CB:  That’s even worse I think. You are the creepy people in the back.

Props to the CityBeat reporter for cracking me up. Oh, Grace. Yes, everyone knows strippers find it so much more degrading to be tipped than to have quiet musicians lurking in the corner doing research for their next video. Please. That being said, the video references burlesque, since there is absolutely nothing resembling a modern strip club in it, unless the strippers at Rick’s in New Orleans are doing some straight up Moulin Rouge shit.
I have not listened to Grace Potter and The Nocturnals before now, because I made the accurate assumption that it was not my kind of music. That is not to say it’s not stripper music. This is the aural equivalent of a UV-reactive lime green spandex romper: not to my taste, but perfectly suited for the strip club. I’ll bet it’s wildly popular across the South, where strip clubs still play a lot of ZZ Top and Susan Tedeschi.


  1. ARGH.

    This is one reason why I hate it when bands/musicians/celebrities come in to my work.

    The most famous ones aren’t used to being spectators/audience, and the newly famous ones haven’t realized that their fame is expendable, and yes, they too are still human and have to behave as such, rather than rock gods.


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