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“Strip Club Queens” Trailer for Stripper Reality Show from D.C.’s Stadium Club

We are so excited about this new stripper reality show, set to air this fall, about strippers at the Stadium Club in Washington D.C. Strippers show up on reality television often enough, but there still hasn’t been a strip club show, and this looks to deliver. According to the Washington Post, it will air on a network to be named. They’re speculating it will be VH1, which would be a crushing loss for Bravo.

Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. I cant speak for any of the other girls on this show, but I do know one of them and she has never been enrolled or attended ANY college, especially not UMD.She said that the producers told her to pretend to be a college student for the show, which is why she quit (after extensive filming on campus), but you have to wonder why would a show which is being shopped for a major network allow her out of the contract unless they were not the ones that asked her to deliberately misrepresent herself? I mean, everyone knows at least some parts of all reality TV is scripted and the cast members are coaxed/pushed towards certain plot lines, but Illy being a college student is a 100% downright lie. So upsetting to know that one of the only mainstream attempts to portray the industry from the workers perspective and in their own words is again a glamorized joke =[ I feel bad for the girls who actually were honest about their experiences as dancers.

  2. I went to school with one of the casts members she was supper freaked out in school fucn chics n shit when i heard she was a stripper no supprise but now she going live on a stripper show? Im proud of her success if thats what you wana call it but as a parent my duty is to keep my daughters off the pole and my sons out of jail. I just wonder how her parents feel right now. I have nothing against strippers i dance all the time for my man but to eaches own i guess.


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