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It’s a Stacks & Cats first! Thanks to Starlet Harlot, we now have this amazing video to add to the annals of pets with money. Starlet writes:

This is my chocolate-point siamese princess, Angilie, with a bit over a grand worth of Australian hooker money. Angilie was in heat when this photo was taken and would NOT sit still, she was so occupied in rapturously rolling over and over in the stack of money—hmmmm, much like her mama does!! I think Angilie would love to be a little hooker kitty.
Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at info@titsandsass.com


  1. That was *awesome* and deserves to be an instant classic that goes viral any minute now. (And your princess reminds me of a beautiful Siamese mix I had and lost too soon to complications of feline leukemia).


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