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Special AK vs VV Roundup

Tits and Sass will be coming back from July 4th with a bang. Tuesday will see the release of no less than four—yes, four!—posts related to the blowup between activist wannabe Ashton Kutcher and activist caller-outer The Village Voice. In the meantime, feel free to read up on the situation at the following T&S endorsed spots and add any we’ve missed in the comments.

The original article that started it all: “Real Men Get Their Facts Straight.”

Our take on Kutcher’s campaign when it first launched in April.

Amanda Brooks provides a solid overview of the recent events.

Audacia Ray on the use of the word “girls.”

Melissa Gira Grant discusses other terminology errors, the lack of practical solutions proposed by the DNA Foundation, and Kutcher’s hubris when confronted with his mistakes.


  1. Oops.. Forgot to add:

    For some background on the way *other* anti sex trafficking celebrity activists deal with opinions that differ from their own. Vicious personal attacks against anyone who dares to criticize the bad data, seem to be the typical response from these celebrities..


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