Home Videos How do you feel about being in a tasteful nude photo shoot?

How do you feel about being in a tasteful nude photo shoot?

I find these 2011 Miss USA Pageant videos fascinating. (The evolution in schools one is a real doozy.) I remember a 90’s webzine game called Lesbian or German Lady? and I would love to see a more current Miss USA Contestant or Porn Star? version of that. (I just gave you a great tumblr idea.) They look so similar, and yet, only Miss Pennslyvania mentioned compensation as a factor that would affect her decision. She’s so getting a letter From The Desk of Larry Flynt. Also, apparently Steven Levitt and Russ Douthat are not the only people living by the “Daughter Test.” Miss Minnesota has the most interesting variation on that.

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  1. many of these ladies are tripping over their words. I wonder how many of these answers are just for the benefit of winning.

  2. kia from kentucky had my favourite answer, and honestly the most personality of any of these women. loved the woman who conflatede “victoria’s-secret-esque” with “tasteful” as well, and the woman who said that the miss universe organization is “high fashion.”

    also, the word “tasteful” now has no meaning to me.


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