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Call For Submissions

Can you believe we've never written about this badass? Neither can we! (Image via IGN)
Can you believe we’ve never written about this badass? Neither can we! (Image via IGN)

Hello, dear readers. We don’t mean to interrupt, but we couldn’t help noticing your excellent sense of humor, great taste in websites, and ability to operate a computer. Why not combine those valuable skills to work for an equally valuable cause, like writing something funny and smart for us? We’re always open to pitches and submissions, and while our basic guidelines are always available here, we thought it was time to draw your attention to some topic ideas we’ve been hoping to cover. We would be so grateful if you ever wanted to lend your applicable expertise and impressive word-smithing to the site. Give us a shout at info AT titsandsass DOT com if you’re so inclined. (A friendly reminder: you must be a current or former sex worker to contribute.)

  •  Eliot Spitzer‘s return to politics: should he or should he not be welcome back?
  • Speaking of Spitzer, it’s the perfect time to run a movie review of Client 9, hint hint.
  • Legal brothel work: safer or more oppressive than going solo—or both?
  •  Write our first “Where I’m Going From Here” piece by sharing why sex work makes sense for you now and what you’ll do next.
  • Justified has prostitutes. House of Cards has prostitutes. Game of Thrones has prostitutes. Why aren’t you writing about them?
  • Oh, and don’t think we didn’t notice that heated discussion about Firefly and its courtesans/Companions in the comments section. Come out, come out, all ye closeted geeks, and write your pans and raves of various depictions of sex workers in speculative fiction.

You can also check out past call for submissions here, which have plenty of other worthy ideas and prompts to get your fingers on the keyboard. And we encourage you to use the comment section below to request coverage of various subjects. What would you like to read more about? What big stories and pop culture phenomenon have we missed?

Suzy Hooker is a collective byline.


  1. I would love a round up of how to take care of your feet and the other fallout from those of us in niches of the profession requiring extensive high heel usage.

    • Regular moisture via coconut oil or various (natural, preferably cold pressed) oils.

      Find a good pair of sleep in socks and slip those on over your freshly oiled feet before you go to bed at night.

      Sea salt & lemon exfoliation would be a beneficial addition to your “happy feet” regimen as well, however–

      Leave your callouses alone!

      We develop them for a reason.

      • Also giving your footsies a regular bath in warm water with radox/epsom salts helps with easing soreness and increasing circulation. Massage is good too, if you can afford it regularly.

  2. [SPOILER for those not caught up with GoT]
    I would have been happy to write something about Ros…before she came to such an awful but eyerollingly predictable ending. So I really don’t think it’s worth doing a post on yet another whore being killed to show how EEEEVIL a character is. Really sick and disgusted by this trope in SO much of popular culture. Instead I propose I write a fanfic in which sex-workers kidnap whorephobic scriptwriters & authors, tie them up and tease them until they piss their pants and promise never to do it again!

  3. Hi girls,
    I’m using this opportunity to show you this rather hateful piece of mis-information that is making the rounds on tumblr http://alsoaperson2.tumblr.com/post/55633173364/40h4error-hoidn-humantraffickingexists
    I have added my own thoughts at the end but as the post made me quite angry I was maybe not as eloquent as I could be.
    Sex trafficking is a terrible crime and definitely a concern but this post implies that all sex work is sex trafficking and sees no discernable difference.I would like to know who Rest Ministries are (can’t actually pin-point them for sure online)and what it is they are trying to achieve with this propaganda?Maybe someone could tackle this her,or is it better to not give them anymore exposure?
    I loved the comment from one earnest tumblr-er who reblogged it and added “a daily reminder that all johns are scum”.I had to point out her dad or possible boyfriend have quite likely been a “john”(she got that phrase straight offa the TV)at some point in time.OK,I’ll stop rambling,but that shit really wound me up.


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