The Week In Links: April 22

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The New York Times personality profile of the Long Island killer, who called at least one of his victim’s families to taunt them about her murder.

There’s a strange, ominous posting on a Long Island message board threatening one of the women found dead.

Seattle police ask for information about “bondage room” rapist who kidnapped a prostitute, offer amnesty to sex workers with information.

La Salle University student paper goes topless when administrators ask them to put a story about a professor who hired strippers “below the fold.” The professor has been suspended.

Business Insider makes much ado about a stripper who snuck into Google. The CEO of the company that made Farmville has been granted a restraining order against her.

“In my 20s I danced to “Like a Prayer” as a stripper without once thinking of the irony” “Madonna, my partner in aging” by Christine McDonald.

The infamous “Duke stripper” has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend.

A former member of 98 degrees (a ’90s boy “band,” in case you’ve forgotten) will be working at Chippendale’s.

The Olympics hype is, unsurprisingly, shining a spotlight on Rio’s sex trade.

Check out this cute interview with porn stars Andy San Dimas and Kristina Rose, the world’s most famous pole dancer, and this blog of a Kenyan prostitute.

There’s been a very gross development in the story about a Quebec high school’s firing of a former porn performer.

A Detroit police officer is suing after being called an “exotic dancer” in two separate news stories by the same author.

AVN uses the Demi & Ashton campaign to criticize trafficking rhetoric.

An economics professor talks about data on indoor vs.s outdoor prostitution and STI transmission rate.

Boston op-ed on why legal prostitution is the safer option.

Hilarious: Denver mayoral candidate takes shot at his opponent who received $30K in donations from a strip club owner—at a forum hosted by NORML!

Man arrested for fondling dancer. 1) You can have them arrested for that? 2) He shares a name with the former RNC chair.

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