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(Via Flickr user Bjorn Soderqvist)

(Via Flickr user Bjorn Soderqvist)

I worked as a nanny, and in a daycare. (Twice! I worked in daycare twice!) Once, one of the Pre-K kids’ parents gave their five-year-old a laxative, no, I don’t know what they were thinking either, and I was called to remove the giant column of shit that ensued from the toilet. There was nothing else for it but to put on industrial size gloves and reach in and manually remove it.

So believe me when I tell you that I’ve dealt with a lot of literal shit in my day.

I dealt with it and moved on. And I thought that entering this new phase of my life as a hooker I would be leaving poverty and, with it, all the gross, sad things we deal with resentfully to stave off poverty behind. Like shit!

So you know the one thing I was not expecting to have to deal with as an adult, a very intelligent and charming and attractive paid companion for other adults?


And yet, the amount of times I have ended up dealing with shit—left on sheets, left on fingers, left caked on ass hairs—well, I’m sure you get the idea. 



Just a couple of dudes in front of the Booty Lounge. (image via Facebook)

Just a couple of dudes in front of the Booty Lounge. (image via Facebook)

Only eight days left to buy a one dollar raffle ticket for beloved tumblr blog and sex workers’ mutual aid organization Sex Worker Problems/The Pink Phoenix’s give away! Each gift bag is worth over $350, and the prizes include iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and premium advertising credits at slixa. The proceeds will go towards helping Pink Phoenix with the cost of filing for non-profit status and purchasing care package items for sex workers in need.

Detroit’s mobile strip club, the Booty Lounge, is back in business because AMERICA!

When will they learn? An owner of a couple of strip clubs in Texas is getting sued, by two D.J.s, for — WAIT FOR IT—  violating federal labor law.

Do you sometimes suspect that your favorite exotic dancer might be a…super hero?  Well, here’s your proof.

Oooh la la! British P.M. David Cameron followed a “high-class” escort agency on twitter. An almost-scandal ensues!