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The Week In Links: July 27

Indian sex workers who could not get visas to attend the International HIV/AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., held a parallel meeting in Kolkata this week. Over 800 sex workers and activists from over 41 countries participated.

Canadian strip clubs and massage parlors announced plans to recruit at high school job fairs now that the government has discontinued visas for adult industry workers. “We will be taking a strippers’ dance pole with us to the schools,” said the head of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada. Well played.

A Savannah prostitue solicited a reporter during a television interview with a police officer on the topic of prostitution. The cop and “Rhonda,” the prostitute, then engaged in a 30 minute discussion on the efficacy of social services and how realistic getting another job would be.

Porn star Lisa Ann (perhaps most famous for portraying Sarah Palin in Nailin’ Palin) will be stripping in Tampa to entertain all the Republicans attending the nearby RNC next month. Strip clubs throughout the city are anticipating big money—the average RNC attendee drops three times what their DNC counterparts would, according to this article.

London-based stripper Sassy will be covering the Olympics on her blog from a sex worker’s point of view.

A London strip club owner discusses the city’s changing economy and legislation in relation to adult businesses.

A new Broadway show about porn performers will debut this fall.

Jennie Ketcham, formerly known as porn actress Penny Flame, did an interview with Rachel Kramer Bussell about her past career and recovery from sex addiction.

New Zealanders have called for the creation of a “buffer zone” to separate large-scale brothels from residential areas.

Dominatrix Mistress Julie weighs in on her favorite male chastity devices.

A prostitute who had seen James Holmes, suspect in last week’s movie theater shooting in Colorado, said that he had always been a “really nice” client.

Police in the UK have shut down about 80 brothels over the past two years in preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Women feel sexiest at age 28, according to a new study by British feminine hygiene company Lil-Lets.

In Florida, a 28-year-old woman is being charged with child neglect for leaving her 3- and 5-year-old kids sitting alone in a pickup truck while she paid a visit to Mons Venus strip club in Tampa.


  1. From that mainstream “news” article that was about (even though it didn’t know it) privileged people who refuse to listen to sex workers and get bummed out when they seem to know more about their lives than reporters and cops.

    “There are other Rhonda’s out there in danger of not only disease, but being raped, robbed, hurt or killed. Those same dangers exist for the officers trying to stop them.”

    And I think that tells you pretty much all you need to know about the attitudes of the people writing that.


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