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The Week In Links: August 3

photo by Susannah Breslin

Susannah Breslin reports from the Exxotica Porn Convention on how the business has changed over the last decade.

A series of home invasions and robberies in San Francisco targeted Asian sex workers.

A volunteer EMT’s past as a porn performer is a source of controversy in Roanoke County, VA.

Looks like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wasn’t able to prove that Sheldon Adelson makes money off of letting prostitutes work his Macau casino. Yet.

New Zealand taekwondo fighter Logan Campbell ran a brothel in 2009-2010 to fund his training (prostitution is legal in New Zealand). We eagerly await a story about a female athlete who worked in one to fund hers.

A 150-year-old brothel in Bangladesh where more than 500 sex workers are headquartered faces closure due to recent protests from the Muslim community. Workers suspect the protests are being urged along by developers who want the brothel’s real estate.

Scotland Yard is pursuing hints that Carole Waugh, a former oil executive missing since May, worked as an escort. It’s unclear if they have any evidence of this beyond the fact that she used online dating sites. So far, nine people have been arrested in connection with her disappearance, making this probably the hardest police have ever worked to find a missing escort.

Joe Redner, the owner of Tampa’s notorious Mons Venus strip club, is finally asking Occupy Tampa to vacate land he owns. He’s giving them until September 15.

What if the GOP doesn’t come through with big spending in Tampa strip clubs?

Has she lost her mind? Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt Romney.

Another former sex industry worker who was fired when her previous job came to light, teacher and onetime porn performer Stacie Halas, takes on Gloria Allred as counsel.


  1. I remember Harmony in some videos, it’s good to see that she’s doing good works as an EMT. Honestly, when will people get the fuck over this shit. Obviously not everyone does porn forever, these people have to go SOMEWHERE after they quit the biz, they don’t just disappear.


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