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The Week In Links: August 10

Sex worker boobs have as much right to be in a hotel as anyone else's boobs do. (Via coolhunting tapas on Flickr)

In this week’s magnificent, BFD news, an Australian prostitute won her discrimination lawsuit against a hotel that kicked her out because of her (legal) profession, not because of any disruptive behavior. American news media was all over it, apparently rubbing it in the faces of American prostitutes, who are so, so far away from having protections like that.

A Russian deputy prime minister called Madonna a “whore” on twitter, helpfully proving the already established fact that whore stigma is used as a weapon against all women.

Here’s a handy guide to becoming a feminist porn star.

This article weirdly calls The Erotic Review “The Erotic Highway.” Oh, and presents evidence that plenty of johns seek “emotional intimacy” as opposed to an exclusively physical release.

The National Whistleblower Center is working to ruin the professional reputation of an FDA official who was caught paying for sex. Meanwhile, an Ohio city Law Director admitted hiring a prostitute but refused to step down from his job.

Mercifully honest (but horrifying) headline: Indonesia’s Conservatives Would Rather Sex Workers [Get] AIDS.

In Bangladesh, some brothels are allegedly using dangerous cow steroids to make girls look more appealing to clients.

Magic Mike-sparked discussion about the gender difference in portrayals of strippers continues.

Two academics argue against blaming sex workers for rising rates of HIV in Queensland, Australia.

Liberia recently launched the rather repulsively titled “Operation Save Our Future,” a campaign to get street workers into other forms of labor. In what sounds like a very empowering and consensual development, 104 “streets girls” were “picked up” from their places of work.

In spite of the standard hysteria, the London Olympics don’t seem to have been a boon to sex workers. Meanwhile, Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice said she installed (and then removed) a stripper pole in her home for exercise purposes.

In Zambia, some girls are trafficked but more commonly they “enter sex work to earn money for themselves or their families.” Gee whiz, who would have thought?  Meanwhile, sex workers in other parts of Africa are voluntarily migrating to follow more lucrative prospects.

The family of a young woman who was killed by a drunk driver is suing the strip club where the man became intoxicated.

A Connecticut church official pled guilty to brutally raping and assaulting a prostitute three years ago.


  1. The top case, regarding an Australian sex worker winning an anti-discrimination case against hoteliers, doesn’t mention that the Premier (leader of QLD) came out to say that he would amend law so as to be able to actively discriminate against sex workers.

    Laws regarding sex work vary from state to state. Karlaa is lucky in that she works in QLD, which has anti-discrimination protections regarding occupation. This varies from state to state and only covers approx 3 of Australia’s 8 states and territories. Sex workers in Australia don’t have it easy. Check out scarletalliance.org.au

    In NSW, one of only two places in the world to have decriminalization, the Premier Barry O’Farrell has announced plans to introduce heavy licensing of the sex industry. This will leave NZ as the only place in the world with decriminalization.


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