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The Week in Links: August 24

We’re getting a little tired of the endless headlines about Tampa strippers gearing up for the Republican National Convention. But it’s almost over, so here ya go, one more. It’s kind of cute when the owner of Thee Dollhouse estimates that his average customer’s age is “somewhere between 35 and 80 years old.”
Lisa Ann talks politics and performance (and yes, the upcoming RNC) with the Miami New Times.

Sex workers are real people, for real—a writer at The Gloss met some and proved it.

A porn performer in L.A. tested positive for syphilis, leading to a hiatus in film production. Porn star Mr. Marcus claims that he’s the one to blame, and admitted to masking his positive test results in order to continue working.

A writer from New York Magazine accompanied Joanna Angel to an unsuccessful speed-dating event.

A few reminders this week to pay your taxes: One of Tel Aviv’s largest brothels was raided by police for tax evasion. Also, a Phoenix club owner was charged with filing false returns.

Franka Potente (who played the title character in Run Lola, Run) chats about her role as a madam in the new TV series Copper.

Stormy Daniels talks about being a sex worker and mother.

Break up with Drake, get $5K rained on you by Ne-Yo? That’s a win.

The New York Daily News chatted with Kayden Kross about her taste in books and budding literary career.

Illinois is the latest state to pass a stripper tax making strip clubs responsible for funding sexual assault programs.

Kirsten Dunst likes strip club lamb chops.

Porn star Julian St. Jox is insisting that he banged Kim Kardashian with another chick ten years ago at a party. He reports that she’s “good” in bed and “knew what she was doing.” Awww.

Rick’s Cabaret announced plans to open another strip club in Time’s Square.

Nerve.com published a list of Cosmo’s worst-ever BDSM tips.

A UK stripper troupe tried to recruit Prince Harry.

Despite an official city policy prohibiting it, San Francisco cops have been using possession of  condoms as probable cause to arrest suspected prostitutes.

New York City condom company Say It With a Condom have created 2012 presidential candidate-themed condoms.

For A Good Time, Call, a new rom com about phone sex operators, will open next Friday.

Stings this week resulted in 18 arrests in Lowell, Mass., and 10 in Indianapolis.

A pissed off stripper was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon for following her customer home and demanding payment at gunpoint after he refused a dance.



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