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Stripper Music Monday: Diplo, 2 Chainz, and T-Pain

It’s time for your end-of-summer stripper and stripper-related music roundup, starting with Diplo’s “Set It Off.” Here’s a unique take on the stripper video: Instead of the typical in-club, make it rain stripper video, director Ryan Staake has opted to shoot an infinite stripper pole with dozens of pole dancers performing tricks in slow motion from earth through the atmosphere to outer space. Great video, uninteresting song coming from a guy who’s had much better stripper anthems.

2 Chainz’ “I Love Dem Strippers” ventures so far as to describe, in graphic detail, his love for strippers and the act of throwing money over their bodies. Nicki Minaj guests on the song and in the video, returning the favor of 2 Chainz’ appearance on “Beez In The Trap,” her own stripperific video.

There’s no video yet for this terrible and hilarious new song from T-Pain featuring howlers like “Put that booty on Instagram/20 more pics goin’ InstaHAM” and “You just tough actin’ Tinactinin'” which is the strangest reference possible. Not that athlete’s foot isn’t an occupational hazard in the strip club, especially if some bitch borrows your shoes, but why on earth you’d want to hear a reference to a commercial for antifungal cream while twerking (or watching) is beyond me. It’s wonderful in its badness.


  1. There’s a lot of disparity in the first two videos. You guys pretty much immediately summed up why the former is noteworthy, those women are beautiful in their celebrated strength; the latter is a pretty brilliant business move. If you can’t hack it in the the music industry without writing a stripper anthem, do so, and you’ll be lovingly and loyally pumped all over the country, on repeat.


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