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The Week In Links: April 20

Oh, right, there’s an alien stripper comic book. Why aren’t we reading this?

Vince Neil should leave the pole dancing to the pros.

How would robotic prostitutes change the sex tourism industry?

The Magic Mike trailer is out! And there’s another male stripper movie—a comedy called Sugar Shack, set in Racine, Wisconsin.

The Hustler mobile strip club is still pissing people off.

Tits and Sass contributor Kitty Stryker on queer/indie/ethical porn

New York sex work activists are working on getting a bill passed that would prevent police from using condoms as evidence in court for prostitution cases. Here’s their website.

Carol Leigh on the Ontario prostitution decision and how the U.S. might learn from it.

The Colombian escort who was ripped off by a Secret Service agent talks about what a cheap, ripoff asshole that guy was. In the New York Times.

Silvio Berlusconi’s requests included asking a woman to strip while wearing a Ronaldinho mask.


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