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The Week in Links: September 16

Slut Walk in Las Vegas challenges rape culture and called on authorities to stop blaming victims.

Celebrity Minka Kelly captivates media outlets discussing relationship with her recently deceased “stripper mother.”

A study investigates how gender equity affects the images used in porn.

Actress and filmmaker Kelly Oldham uses her dark period as a phone sex operator as raw material for her new film Barracuda. Comedian Lisa-Skye also uses anecdotes from former PSO job for her new show.

In Nigeria, an ex-prostitute attempts to burn down church due to Catholic ex-lover who initially liberated her from prostitution and then left her.

Strip club cocktail waitress fired for refusing to give TLC back massages to customers sues on grounds of sexual harassment.

Porn performer Danny Wylde explains why porn is the new punk.

Prostitute bites cop while resisting arrest.

Some lame asses give lame reasons why strippers are un-dateable.

Does Steven Soderbergh’s new male stripper movie represent a trend in male objectification (otherwise known as dudesploitation)?

Texas stripclub sues police for attempting to strong arm club out of business after police raid club for drugs, find no drugs, and allegedly take off with club’s cash.

Rick Rizzolo, former owner of Las Vegas’s Crazy Horse Too, is headed back to prison (AGAIN!) after violating terms of his supervised release. Why’d he get arrested in the first place? Not paying taxes. Pay your damn taxes!

In Melbourne, Australia, a convicted rapist on parole has been jailed again for beating a sexworker.

Ottawa mayor resigns after arrest in prostitution sting. 

Adult film star and plus-size model April Flores addresses American Apparel’s lack of clothing for curvacious beauties such as herself and their dissing of plus-size model contest winner Nancy Upton.

Law journal comes up with clever headline “Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Stripper? From the Bar to the Pole” then goes on to call stripping “brainless” work and claim most strippers haven’t read anything “since their last visit to the clinic.” We’d like to hear from some of our stripper lawyer readers about this.

Some nerdy bloggers from Uber discovered that there are more prostitution crimes on Wednesday than any other day in San Francisco and Oakland.

Dr. Phil talks with Brandon Wade, the creator of SeekingArrangement.com, sugar babes, a real dad, and a sugar daddy who walks out.

Gigolos in Bangalore have all but disappeared despite high demand.

Suspect in bank robbery recognized from TV by strip club employees and arrested.

Moby suggests making porn featuring average sized penises. Sounds good. How about average shaped tits and vag too?

Webcam porn is supposedly outsourced these days.

Where do you think the smartest strippers in Canada are? This completely unsupported claim says Toronto!

The Gloss publishes a piece questioning the allure of male strippers.

In DC, stripper sues her former club for taking too much of her tips and lap dance earnings and underpayment.


  1. “We’d like to hear from some of our stripper lawyer readers about this.”

    I was a former-librarian stripper in the late ’90s, before I became a former-librarian escort; does that count? 😉


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