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The Week In Links: May 6

Stephen Soderbergh, director of The Girlfriend Experience, is coming out of early retirement to make a movie about a male stripper. Mr. Soderbergh, meet Ms. Fey: you two are both certifiably Obsessed With Sex Workers! Welcome to the club.

Kansas is (unsurprisingly) using trafficking rhetoric to push its (otherwise failed) attempts at restricting adult-oriented businesses.

Colorado is reconsidering its john schools bill.

Breaking news: pole dancers can be pretty amazing dancers.

India’s Supreme Court cites literature while affirming that prostitutes can be “women of very high character.”

Rwandan outreach workers explain “It was not an easy task to convince [sex workers] to abandon what they were doing and start this activity of collecting garbage from homes.”

Reno citizens are bitching about (legal) strip club signage.

Former public school teacher Melissa Petro writes about her decision to be out about her sex worker past.

A Miami strip club customer is suing on the grounds that he was taken advantage of while extremely drunk while a Maryland club customer is suing for discrimination because women are charged a higher cover than men.

Justice should not be the exception in situations like this (but it is:) a Houston police officer was sentenced to six years in prison for raping a prostitute while on duty. And an Orlando man who killed a prostitute (fifteen years ago) has finally been sentenced to life in prison.

This short article on prostitution in the Sierra Leone is worth a read for its delightful use of English alone: “Our correspondent confirmed that commercial sex workers parading peripheries of ‘Disco Flamingo,’ which is few yards from the aforenamed party office, have had field days doing sex business (sex for money) at the aforementioned political party office unrestrained.” Unrestrained sex business! Sign me up.

Out of Ireland comes this beautiful, brilliant poster campaign focusing on sex work as work.


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