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The Week in Links: May 18

How many of you have danced with a “Pocahontas”? This one is in trouble.

An amazing account of R. Kelly’s performance at an Austin strip club.

On dancing in Williston: “‘A lap dance is $20; of that, you keep $15,’ she says. ‘To make $2,000 a night, you’re going to have to do a hell of a lot of lap dances.'” This is something we’ve said before.

A passed strip club tax this week in Illinois and a proposed one in California: here’s what we think about the Texas pole tax.

Vegas’ newest club sounds like a blast. And hey, here’s Hannibal Buress on white strip clubs.

Joey Lawrence to work at Chippendales for three weeks.

Laura Agustín on sex as work and sex work

The Houston Press picks their top strip club songs. While we’re linking to old Tits and Sass posts, remember what we said about the Houston Press?

Kitty Stryker on sex work and dating

The dancers of Paris’ Crazy Horse went on strike.

After Porn Ends, a documentary about porn stars after they leave the industry, debuts May 21.

File under: Tina Fey

And be careful: customers really can get heart attacks from lapdances.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Hannibal Buress, I’d never heard of him but watched that clip and then went on and watched every other clip of him I could find – that guy’s hilarious!


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