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The Week in Links: March 4

Studies are being conducted to evaluate whether some lubes might increase risk of HIV transmission.

Louisiana currently requires citizens convicted of having oral or anal sex in exchange for money register as sex offenders. But the law is now being challenged. (Deon Haywood, who is quoted in the linked article, spoke on this very same issue at last year’s Desiree Alliance conference.)

A baby was born in a strip club parking lot. Nice try, baby, but if you want to be a true badass, you’d have been born on the strip club stage.

On health & safety regulators and the porn industry.

Indianapolis man sues for damages after being hit by flying stripper shoe (definitely watch the video, which includes vaguely douchey footage of the plaintiff, a visit to a stripperwear store to look at shoes, and a comparison to the President Bush shoe-throwing incident)

Missouri strip clubs are finding ways around a recently passed law that attempted to ban nude dancing.

The Giggles Comedy Club turned Jiggles strip club owner is still fighting the city of Seattle.

This is awesome: there was an insect called the “dominatrix mite” whose sex practices have miraculously been preserved in amber.

HIV Prevention Justice Alliance is asking other organizations to support their call for the US to implement the UN’s suggestions of how to minimize sex worker abuses.

An excellent op-ed on why Indian sex workers deserve rights and respect, not pity.

Lots of great coverage from March 3rd: from South Africa, India, and the US.

A particularly amazing article on why and how abolitionists hurt the sex workers they purport to help.



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