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How To Get Dressed: Liquid Latex

Angry Stripper tweeted asking about liquid latex removal, and I’m here for her. She was working at one of the Houston clubs covered by a pastie law, meaning that dancers have to cover their nipples. Liquid latex is the material of choice for this in a lot of places, I assume because it’s considered to look the most realistic. But that stuff is hard on your skin and peels and is generally a huge pain to deal with. Here’s some ways to make it easier to handle.

1. Use a base layer
Using a thick stick foundation or concealer on your nipple before applying the liquid latex gives you some protection against its moisture-sucking properties. Just put it all over your nipple then powder lightly before applying the liquid latex.

2. Set it
Dry the latex with a hairdryer or just stay topless while you do your makeup, then dust it all over with powder (or blush or eyeshadow if you want to make it a more nipple-y color). You can also spray it lightly with hairspray and let it dry before powdering if you want to take extra precautions against the nasty, loose-skin-looking peeling that is prone to happen.

3. Aftercare
Peeling it off works, but is the harshest on your skin. Using soap and water in the shower helps it come off more gently, or you can use baby oil or cold cream. Then clean the skin and moisturize those babies.

4. Don’t even mess with that latex shit. Use fabric paint.
Some wise dancer tipped me to this when I was doing a stint dancing in the heartland. Tulip brand fabric paint applies much more easily and peels right off and dries your skin out less than latex. It’s nontoxic since little kids probably try to eat it. It peels off much more painlessly than latex, too. This is the stuff I was wearing that peeled off into those lovely nipple molds above. Now you know what they are!


  1. When I worked in Minot, ND, they had a rule that the nipple had to be covered (but not the aureole- which makes COMPLETE sense). Half the girls would use nail polish to cover up just the nipple part, and the other half wouldn’t bother. I tried it and that shit was nasty and joined the “not bothering” crew. The fine if you were caught was $200 but you could claim to have used pink nail polish to cover your nipples and supposedly the cop wouldn’t give you a ticket.

    Seriously, there needs to be a blog about the ridiculous laws we have to go through as exotic entertainers.

  2. I do believe you have arrived at precisely that blog! Or do you mean a post? Because it would take several just to cover the stupid nipple-covering laws of the American Midwest!

    Ah, North Dakota. I too have experienced the “cover the nipple, not the areola” law. So strange.

  3. yep, i was just about to chime in with the sparkly glitter puffy paint, but y’all beat me to it.
    i figured that out forever ago, in alabama, when i was a newbie stripper and they were trying to get ME to use liquid latex. i just laughed, and hit up the local walmart. voila.

  4. Im so worried ik its a thing where u put bandaids on your nips when u dont want to wear a bra i did that for a day and it peeled of skin will it heal


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