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From what I can tell, a sneeze fetish is more about the journey than the destination. While you may consider face covering an action that stops the spreading of germs, to a fetishist you’re hiding all the subtle intricacies of pre-sneeze face. I don’t completely relate, but I do enjoy a good sneeze as much as the next person. Or rather, I get filled with rage when I’m about to sneeze and some jerkoff thinks it’s funny to yell “bananas!” and sabotage me. (I imagine that’s the closest I’ll ever come to understanding the phenomenon that is “blue balls.”)

Since it’s a function of the human body, you know sneezing must be a pretty common fetish. (Wait, does that mean there are blink fetishists out there? Blink twice for yes?) It’s common enough to warrant two forums, which have subsections for related fetishes like handkerchief/tissue and nose blowing. The threads have titles like, “What do you prefer, stifled sneezes or open wet sneezes?” and, “I wish Glee would release sneeze bloopers.”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be simultaneously turned on and bummed out by a Flonase commercial? I found a sneezeball (note: not an actual term) to answer a few questions about what sneeze fetish means to him. Please welcome @kurtvonc, who was kind enough to indulge my prodding into his sexual preferences.

How long have you had a sneeze fetish? Where do you think it came from?
I am not sure exactly where it came from, and probably most sneeze fetishists don’t, but I know I have had it my entire life. As a child you obviously don’t connect it to sex, but I certainly found it fascinating and remember how watching girls sneeze seemed to strike a nerve. As I entered my teenage years those nerves turned into arousal, then came the realization it was a full-blown fetish.

Do you have a favorite kind of sneeze, or will any ol’ sneeze do? I imagine that a sneeze is like pizza– you can never go wrong, but some kinds of sneezes/pizza are better than others?
You are right; any sneeze is a good sneeze for the most part. I tend to be more partial to a nice, loud, “take over your whole body sneeze.” Also, most fetishists enjoy an uncovered sneeze so we get to see every detail of the face. A pre-sneeze expression when you take those first deep breaths, and your nostrils flare, then you just let it fly . . . it’s just perfect.

Is there a term/slang for the pre-sneeze facial expressions?
Not really. I seriously think it’s always been called the “pre-sneeze” face.

Where does mucus factor in? Can a sneeze be “too wet” for you?
For me mucus does not factor in at all (though there is a big mucus/snot following out there). I do not like a messy snotty sneeze, however, I don’t mind a touch of regular sneeze spray on my skin.

Does the discomfort of induced sneezes play into your fetish?
I absolutely love when a girl induces a sneeze, and actually prefer it. I love seeing them stick something up their nose and tickle a sneeze out. That way you know when a sneeze is coming!

Will one sneeze give you an erection if you’re out in public? What if a woman you don’t find otherwise attractive sneezes?
I can usually keep myself under control in public, but one good sneeze by one very attractive women will lead to me finding somewhere to hide my erection. Usually I am only attracted to sneezes by women I find attractive.

Do you love allergy season?
I think every fetishist loves allergy season! Anything that is going to make women sneeze more is OK in my book!

What about the common cold with added coughing and sniffling? Do those do anything for you?
There is a big following for colds/sniffling too. It’s a huge sector of the sneeze community. It just isn’t my thing. I see the female fetishists [that] are more into the cold (taking care of a man) then the male fetishists.

Do you get aroused when talking about sneezes?
I always seem to get aroused when talking about sneezing. I am right now to be honest. Though I am extremely uncomfortable talking about sneezing in person when it comes up in general conversation.

Do you have any other fetishes?
Actually, I do have another fetish. It’s much more sexually related and common, I suppose. It’s an asshole fetish. I just love the look and feel of a woman’s asshole. [I’m] not into anal sex, just ass play. The biggest interest is watching it pucker and tighten, which coincidentally happens perfectly when you sneeze (so I strangely have connected my two fetishes).

Has your sneeze fetish affected your love life? Are you in a relationship now? How long do you wait before telling new partners about your sneeze fetish? Have you ever dated a woman with a sneeze fetish?
I am married (3.5 years) and in all my past relationships and my marriage they knew upfront, partly because I am an open person and partly in my hopes they would indulge me. My wife does indulge me. She doesn’t always like to and always says she wishes she could understand, but she indulges nonetheless. I have never met another fetishist in person.

Can you tell if someone is faking a sneeze?
I am pretty certain most fetishists can very easily tell a fake sneeze. There are a lot of signs to look for when watching a sneeze, and we have unfortunately been burned many times by Clips4Sale models making fake sneeze clips. I do think a lot will sneeze authentically, but embellish it thinking it will make it better. It doesn’t, we want to see how you really sneeze. BUT, I will let you know that Kate Beckinsale does have an awesome fake sneeze and seems to have perfected it. Check it out here.

Are you on the sneeze fetish forum?
Yes, I am on all the forums. I am not currently that active on the boards, but my activity ebbs and flows and some days I cannot pull myself away from the forums.

There is more than one forum?
There are two main forums, www.sneezefetishforum.org is the first and largest forum (it’s the “mother forum,” if you will). During a time when the site was down, there was a group that broke off and started their own forum at http://sfforum.invisionzone.com. The two sites became rivals and now it’s like a Pespi/Coke kinda thing, lol. Both are very nice to be a part of. There are other forums out there that people try and start up on their own but [those] never get more than a dozen or so people [and] always wind up dying off.

Is there a sneeze emoticon?
There is this little guy: Photobucket

Have you found that the Internet and advancements in technology have made finding sneeze material more accessible, especially with the advent of sites like Clips4Sale?
Well I’m 28, so luckily just about the time I discovered the sexual connection and started exploring the fetish, the Internet was fully blossomed. There has been a lot more material over the years, a lot on YouTube too. Clips4Sale didn’t have a sneeze category until 2004. But overall, the Internet has been VERY helpful.

How much money would you estimate you spend yearly on clips? Do you frequent live cam sites as well?
The only money I spend is at Clips4Sale, and probably about $200-$250 a year. I have shelled out $100 just for one custom sneeze/asshole clip. I have never gone to a cam site.

Can I call you a “sneezeball”? Am I the first person to make that up?
Sneezeball? That’s a new one, lol. Call me what you will.


  1. Love this interview! Funny. Every single time I’m getting ready for a session, when my client calls from the check point, I toss an altoid in my mouth and wait for the sneeze. They ALWAYS make me sneeze. I always thought my clients would find it funny to see me, in full shiny black fetish wear sneezing myself off my heels. Even I, after 18 years as a Domiantrix, didn’t think that someone would actually get off on watching me sneeze!

    Fart yes, but sneeze…. learn something new every day!


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