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The Week In Links: June 3

You may have already seen the above video but of course we had to include here for good measure. He’s dancing to Girl Talk!

As the Long Island murders continue to go unsolved, New York prostitutes are living in fear and are reticent to talk to police.

California’s Supreme Court ruled that pandering laws (designed to target people who encourage civilians to”become a prostitute”) can be applied to pimps who approach women already working as prostitutes. Dissenting Justice Joyce Kennard expressed her displeasure: “I cannot fathom how one can ‘become’ what one already is.”

In Victoria, AU, health officials urged politicians to relax the current requirement that sex workers be tested for STIS every month based on studies that show “you are at lower risk of catching an STI if you have sex with a sex worker than if you have sex with a member of the public.”

Meanwhile, a South Australian State member is advocating decriminalization. (Australia’s territories deal with prostitution in different ways; there is no country-wide policy.)

And Switzerland is refining their current (legalized) system to designate areas where street workers can congregate.

Damien Hirst makes a London stripper’s panties worth £15K by signing and doodling on them. Nice tip!

Dare you to read this story about rumors that Sweden’s king visited strip clubs without having “Minnie the Moocher” run through your head.

Does Portland’s notorious vegan strip club, Casa Diablo, have expansion plans?

A stripclub patron is suing the club for “fail(ing) to properly train the employee” and to warn customers about “the danger of standing in the area of the raised stage.” Allegedly, those two factors resulted in his being kicked in the face.

Jenna Jameson is being sued for missing promotional appearances during her “Zombie Strippers!” publicity tour.

Dita Von Teese awesomely smacks down burlesque dancers who think they’re better than strippers.

Sex work is taking over stages nationwide. In addition to the plays mentioned in previous link round-ups, now one man’s drag show focusing on three Caribbean prostitutes is debuting off-Broadway.

Justice for sex workers in Northern Island (man convicted of robbery) and in England. (two men convicted of robbery and assault)

A Canadian woman with a history of abuse (like the sort usually cited by anti-prostitution activists) speaks out about bad laws and the need for her to do her work safely: “To me, it’s a job. It’s not who I am, it’s what I do”

An interview about London’s Sex Worker Film Festival.

Massachusetts is poised to pass a bill stiffening penalties on johns of underage sex workers as well as providing arrested underage prostitute with the option to request a judge treat them as victims rather than criminals


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