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The Week in Links: June 22

Happy Gay Pride! Queer alt pornographer Courtney Trouble is throwing an afterparty in San Francisco this weekend.

Gay male strip club Swinging Richards is suing North Miami Beach for discrimination—they’ve been told that they can’t get fully nude and serve alcohol, even though local other clubs are allowed to feature naked ladies and booze.

We love Jezebel’s roundup of Cosmo’s worst sex advice ever, though we can name a few they missed—eating a donut off a guy’s cock, for example.

An update on the Lusty Lady’s financial woes and revival plans.

Melissa Gira Grant gives a first-hand account of the New York City protests surrounding Backpage’s controversial adult service ads.

Web cam models for Kink.com are criticizing the site for new payment policies, which have led to lower and less consistent earnings.

A Sydney brothel plans to expand into the largest brothel in Australia.

Porn star and alleged murderer/dismemberer/ cannibal Luka Magnotta was extradited to Canada this week and pled not guilty. He had been arrested in Germany earlier this month for the gruesome, video-taped murder of his former lover Jun Lin (whose head is still missing, by the way).

Lawmakers in Scotland have proposed new legislation that would criminalize the purchase of sex.

Sixty-four percent of Nevada residents believe that brothels should be legal, but only 20 percent believe the same of same-sex marriage.

Dita von Teese wants to direct a “really dirty” porno.

In honor of Woody Allen’s newest film, To Rome With Love, which will feature Penelope Cruz as a prostitute, here’s a list of Allen’s most memorable  hooker characters. Based on some of Cruz’s comments on her role, we have high hopes for the new film, which opens today.

A judge in Georgia approved a $1.5 million settlement for 80 exotic dancers from Club Onyx who were treated as employees instead of independent contractors. After legal fees, you have to figure that’ll come out to about $5K a head and, ultimately, dancers handing over a much higher percentage of their income to Club Onyx.

Channing Tatum’s former co-strippers are not happy about Magic Mike, saying that he stole their moves and stories. “He only danced for four months. How many events could have happened to him?”

Dancers and club owners in Toronto are hoping to change local laws on dancer/customer contact. And now there is a public poll about it on the City of Toronto website. No, really, there is.

Porn actress Kayden Kross wrote a short story that will appear in a free e-book anthology edited by Ben Greenman of the New Yorker.

SWOP-NYC gives suggestions for addressing sex trafficking in New York City.


  1. if i read the article correctly the georgia suit is the other way around. the women were misclassified as independent contractors and sued for employee status and wages.


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