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The Week in Links: July 20

Melissa Febos, former dominatrix and author of Whip Smart, went on Dr. Drew’s show to talk about her work.

The Toronto International Burlesque Festival is happening this weekend, as well as the International Pole Sport Federation Championship.

The International AIDS Conference is happening next week in Washington, D.C.

Traveling feature entertainer Kylea Killeen conducted a lengthy interview with Ruby AdultStar. It’s a wonderful read about what feature dancing was like in the 1990s.

Human Rights Watch released a report on the practice of police in certain cities (Los Angeles, New York, and D.C., for example) confiscating condoms and using them as evidence in prosecuting sex workers. According to the report, this practice puts sex workers at a seriously higher risk for STIs.

A study in Jamaica shows that sex workers and gay men are at the highest risk for contracting HIV.

The Paper Moon strip club in Richmond, Va., is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit.

A Christian “sex industry survivor” from Texas has established a ministry to strippers by going into clubs and washing their feet, giving them pedicures, bringing them pasta, and “loving them in the name of Jesus.” If “Jesus” means free spa services and noodles, we totally love him back.

Porn performer Amber Peach discusses how Obamacare may (not) affect adult film stars.

Bree Olson talks about recording her first hip hop single, which was released earlier this month.

Parents in Queens are none to pleased that a local children’s dance academy shares its building with an S&M academy and dungeon.

Nadya Suleman made her stage debut at Playhouse South gentlemen’s club in Hallandale, Fla. Word on the internet is that she can’t dance for shit, but it was only her first night.

The U.S. military has punished seven Army soldiers and two Marines, in addition to 12 secret service agents, for their involvement in the prostitution scandal that took place in Colombia in April.

Residents in Aukland, New Zealand, claim that local prostitutes have been destroying street signs by pole dancing too aggressively on them as they try to attract clients.

The Las Vegas Sun spoke with Sarah Tressler, the former Houston Chronicle reporter who was fired after publicly revealing that she’s also a stripper.

Porn star Norma Stitz spoke with a New Jersey newspaper about having the world’s largest natural breasts.

Hipster art and bougie restaurants are invading Amsterdam’s red light district.

The success of Magic Mike seems to be helping the ever-declining male strip club biz to pick up again.



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