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The Week in Links: August 12

The totally irrelevant cover of the New York Post, Wednesday, August 10

Melissa Petro (once deemed “hooker teacher” by the New York Post) responds to the Post‘s Wednesday headline.

Wendy Babcock, Toronto-based sex work activist and law student, passed away on Tuesday.

There are only five days left to donate to the SWAAY Epic Step billboard.

Irish sex workers rights organization Turn Off the Blue Light recently claimed victory in a dispute with Google. The group had paid for an advertisement with Google AdWords, but found that, beginning in May, people looking for their site through the search engine were instead diverted to anti-sex work campaign websites.

A patron at the Pretty Woman Lounge, a Detroit strip club, shot and killed a club employee after being denied admission.

Even though she turned down an offer from Vivid to appear in an adult movie, apparently most Americans still think Pippa Middleton is a porn star.

Three American pole dancers and one Argentinean took home top honors at the International Pole dancing Competition last weekend in Denver.

Lee Grace Dougherty and her two brothers, who allegedly shot a cop in Florida and robbed a bank in Georgia, were caught Wednesday morning in Colorado. Since Dougherty worked as a stripper in Cocoa Beach, some clever writers at the New York Post (perhaps the same ones who wrote the “stox” headline above?) were sure to make up puns about her “rack” in reporting the story.

According to Scientific American, pornography might actually deter sexual violence.

Indiana State Rep. Phillip Hinkle got caught responding to a Cariaglist m4m ad, posted by an 18-year-old man seeking a “sugga daddy.”

Lifetime movie The Client List, which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as a prostitute, got picked up as a series. Hewitt will both executive produce and act in it.

The Shelby Blues Festival knocked scheduled performer Candye Kane off their lineup, due to her sexual orientation and past as a sex worker.

Pole dancing is gaining popularity among men in China.

Mistress Matisse on decriminalization.

Cory Silverberg of About.com refutes a recent article in The Daily Telegraph about the Australian government subsidizing visits to sex workers for its disabled citizens.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Hinkle reunited with a former stripper whom he used to stalk at her club. Tammy Chapman, the former stripper (and Penthouse pet) has described Hinkle as “the kind of strip-club patron who doesn’t understand boundaries.”

The LAPD has plans to screen a film on sex trafficking on September 15, called FLESH: Bought and Sold in the US. The LA Weekly alerts the paparazzi to be on the lookout for Ashton Kutcher.

A Nigerian NGO is offering money to help former sex workers start their own businesses after leaving the sex industry.


  1. “…The consumption of pornography may actually reduce the desire to rape by offering a safe, private outlet for deviant sexual desires.”

    Oh please. Are we really back to the old “rape is about sex, not power” myth?

  2. The three young fugitives; I heard it mentioned that the female was a part-time stripper, on the news station CNN….I held my breath, but nothing else negative was insinuated or said, in reference to that…

    Regarding the Detroit strip club…sad. Just, sad. But, it’s also Detroit, so I can’t say that I’m surprised at stranger-to-stranger random violent crime.

    • The thing about the fugitives though, is that I’ve never heard any mention of what the two guys do for work at all, only her. And I’ve heard she stripped “part-time” or “briefly”, but that was still enough for people to write headlines about “a stripper and her two brothers.”


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